China, A Dangerous Friend


In dealing with backstabbers, keep in mind that they are only powerful when your back is turned.

Mohammadizadeh, Iran’s VP, said that bilateral relations between China and Iran have developed steadily in recent years. He hopes that ties between his country and China will continue to expand in the future. He added that Iran and China “Are keen to boost their interactions and… seize every opportunity to expand relations in all spheres.” Great, huh?

As the United States fiscal battle rages in D.C. one must remember the battle is over borrowing more. Much of what we borrow is from China. China is the same country that steals our technology, movies, songs and so on, then uses their slave labor to make it and import it back to us.

We might also keep in mind that Iran is building a nuclear bomb and has threatened the complete annhilation of Israel and the United States.

From China, Iran ink major infrastructure, trade deals. Tehran, Beijing mark 40 years of diplomatic ties by expanding civilian partnerships.

China and Iran on signed several on infrastructure and trade collaboration agreements Saturday, further testifying to the already strong political and economic ties between the two countries.

He Guoqiang, of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Javad Mohammadizadeh witnessed the signing ceremony. Read here: China dealing with Iran

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