China, Mexico, Cuba, Mainly Cuba Drug Cartels Control US Pot Industry


Columbia is to cocaine as Colorado is to marijuana! Think about that. Those are the words of a Colorado sheriff.

Foreign cartels have embraced the home-grown marijuana market, according to NBC News. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called it “one of the largest residential forfeiture actions in American history.”

International gangs from China, Mexico, Laos, and Cuba are getting fully involved in the drug trade, moving into and manufacturing it in states where it is legal and selling for above the price in states where it is not.

If all the states legalize it, cartels will still be fully involved because it’s extremely profitable. They will run it like the mob and no one else will dare move into their trade. We will soon be like Mexico or Cuba with drug cartels running the country.

The government can’t control it and they pretend police aren’t asking for the added funds they need. This is while they pocket the extra cash. Corrupt and criminal people now join the Democrat Party because they are so “liberal” and let anything do on.

Watch this brief clip, it starts out with some shaking but gets better:
NBC News Reports:

In early April, local and federal authorities descended upon 74 marijuana grow houses in the Sacramento area they say were underwritten by Chinese organized crime…

…Federal officials allege that legal recreational marijuana states like California, Colorado and Washington, where enforcement of growing regulations is hit-or-miss, have been providing cover for transnational criminal organizations willing to invest big money to buy or rent property to achieve even bigger returns.

Chinese, Cuban and Mexican drug rings have purchased or rented hundreds of homes and use human trafficking to bring inexperienced growers to the United States to tend them, federal and local officials say.

The suspects are targeting states that have already legalized marijuana “in an attempt to shroud their operations in our legal environment here and then take the marijuana outside of the state,” said Mike Hartman, executive director of the Colorado Department of Revenue, which regulates and licenses the cannabis industry. Authorities say they’ve seen an increase in these “home grows” since the launch of recreational pot sales in Colorado.

Governments run by Democrats are receiving the big money from pot [often laced with stronger substances]. Lobbyists for pot are overrunning Capitol Hill, the problem can only get worse.

In a country with a serious addiction problem, all you hear about in the media is the bad doctors and the evil pharamaceutical firms. You hear almost nothing much about the real problem — drug cartels pouring into the country to cash in. Many come through our open borders.

Democrats are trying to take this country down, perhaps unwittingly. Legalizing drugs is one of the ways. They make their pot smokers happy and make a lot of money to feed their coffers. Listen to Chuckie the lying hack:

Crime is increasing in Colorado in conjunction with the legalization.

People who indulge in pot are feeding the foreign drug cartels almost certainly. Listen to this Colorado sheriff as he watches the state destroyed.

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