China Might Be Building a Huge Database of Federal Workers


The personal information of at least four million federal workers was stolen by the Chinese government and revealed to the American public on June 4th in what can only be called an act of war though it will be ignored by Barack Obama.

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German activists launch balloon face Obama over a different issue

Employees had to find out by reading the newspapers, the way Obama gets all his information.

Experts believe the Chinese may be building a huge database of U.S. federal workers. There is little doubt that it will be used in future attacks against the United States.

The stolen personal information might well be used to fool and impersonate government workers — to set up future “insider” attacks, experts believe. By revealing who has security clearances and at what level, the Chinese may now be able to identify, expose and blackmail U.S. government officials around the world, the experts added and CNN reported.

The same people who attacked Anthem insurance last month and stole information of tens of millions of customers appear to be responsible for the hacking. There is little doubt of that since all hacking of this type from China is by the Chinese government.

The breach affected former and current employees from nearly every branch of government.

Experts said that some agencies haven’t been following best practices such as updating operating systems with latest protections.

What do you think when you consider the fact that Obamacare information is susceptible or that Hillary Clinton kept all her data on her family server while Secretary of State?

Incidentally, Chinese nationals have also been caught coming across our border illegally and our borders are wide open and we deport almost no one.

When this information came out Thursday, President Obama, who doesn’t speak to the press generally, was honoring the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.

Josh Earnest indicated the most transparent government ever will keep the investigation and the findings secret.

“I can’t guarantee, necessarily, that our law enforcement professionals will assess that making that information public is in the best interest of the investigation,” Earnest said.



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