China’s Market Problems Are A Real Opportunity


Carly Fiorina

The market turndown was inevitable, Carly Fiorina told Chuck Todd.

The U.S. problems she said are unfortunately self-inflicted. We have structural problems as a result of bad policies and we are destroying small business.

She elaborated on Fox & Friends this morning, Fiorina said she was expecting the correction for some time.
The market is the only place you can earn a return thanks to the easy money policy. The feds are backing off and this is what you get, she said.

“Well, I actually have been expecting a correction for some time. The market has been way too high given the fundamentals. Our economy is not particularly strong, 2 percent growth is very lackluster. China’s economy has been slowing down for some time. Europe’s economy is in trouble. I think the stock market has hit record highs over and over again because the Federal Reserve has ensured through its easy money policy that the stock market’s the only place you can earn a return. Now the Federal Reserve finally is going to back off of that easy money policy. So I think this is warranted, honestly.”

China is a rising adversary and she sees this as an opportunity and describes what she would do as president.

While the world relies on trade with China to some extent, Carly Fiorina sees China’s economic problems as an opportunity to strengthen her adversaries – our allies – and increase flyovers of the South China Sea, while they are concentrating on their economy.

We don’t want China in control of the South China trade route through which 5 trillion dollars of goods and services pass each year.


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