Chinese Communists Are Buying a NJ College Monday


A Chinese company is buying a Rider University satellite college in New Jersey on July 1. This shouldn’t be allowed. Every Chinese person in a foreign country must be willing to spy if called to do so by their Communist party leaders. Every Chinese company is essentially owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

Owning a university allows them to spread their Communist propaganda freely.


Democrats, in general, are ripe for Communist propaganda. The corrupt educational system has a lot to do with it. In fact, only 3% of Duke University graduates support President Trump.

The company is projected to spend $40 million in the acquisition of Westminster Choir College.

Campus Reform writes:

While Rider’s administration is facing two lawsuits challenging the legality of the sale, the school may end up following through with the agreement, with a transfer of ownership set to take place in July. This is despite the fact that the situation had to go as far as being investigated by the office of the NJ State Attorney General, only to find insufficient evidence for the sale to be illegal.

Earlier in 2019, Sen. Ted Cruz proposed legislation aimed at reducing China’s foothold in American universities using Confucius Institutes as a front for the Chinese Communist Party. These institutes receive funding from the Chinese government with the alleged goal of simply teaching about the ancient history and culture of China. But they have been caught on many campuses spreading Chinese government propaganda, as well as lies about the country’s human rights-repressive history, such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre.


Currently, the Communist government partners with over 100 U.S. universities. What could go wrong?

Recent reports detail Beijing’s continuing efforts to increase its influence on American college campuses.

China is broadly funding — and exerting influence and control over — student groups on campus, primarily with Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSAs) and the Confucius Institute.

The concern is that the groups — while branded as a way to support Chinese students studying in America and to explore Chinese arts and culture — are allegedly a propaganda arm with rising influence on campuses.

As Foreign Policy writes, in one instance “consular officials … requested that CSSAs across the United States post articles praising [President] Xi’s vision for the country and touting other party propaganda.” Furthermore, in the University of Minnesota CSSA elections, presidential candidates who were Communist Party members received preferential consideration.

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  • We should add we don’t care but we are very concerned about censorship of the right. These social media and Google platforms need to be subject to anti-trust laws.

    • Big tech has progressed in the past several months from denying they censor conservatives to affirming they do censor and you can;’t do anything about it. Well,I can think of many things we can do to stop them. You want to start a discussion on that subject?

  • Considering just how many colleges have been under communist influence already, I have to ask the question of just how much this is going to change the academic environment. There should be NO government sponsored public education whatsoever.

  • US students won’t be taught about the Tiananmen Square Massacre/protests in Beijing, where thousands of Chinese students were killed and wounded; they were shot down in the streets for wanting freedom of speech, freedom of press, an end to corruption, & etc. All the goals that communism suppresses.