Chris Christie sees 3 seats flipping in NJ & there goes the House


Chris Christie believes impeachment is hurting Democrats and will cost them dearly in the 2020 elections. He began to weigh in on impeachment just before Christmas.

On the 20th, he discussed a new issue-advocacy group he will lead to offset the negative campaigns of people like Tom Steyer, Politico reported.

“I really think there has been a lack of attention on the positive things the administration has done for the country and a tremendous amount of attention on the negativity, particularly from groups like Tom Steyer’s impeachment group. And I’ve always tried to get the other part of the story out there to the people, and I was tired of sitting around and waiting for someone else to do it,” said Christie, who will serve as chairman of Right Direction America.


Then, on this past Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week” roundtable, the former New Jersey Governor (R) told the panel that three districts in his state could flip to Republican. He believes it is over impeachment.

“You know what’s happening in blue New Jersey, a very blue state. Jeff Van Drew switches from Democrat to Republican, from the majority party to the minority party in the middle of impeachment because of impeachment. Andy Kim, who won his seat two years ago, is now losing to Katie Gibbs, his Republican challenger. And Tom Malinowski is losing to Tom Kaine Jr., the son of the former governor.”

He continued, “You could wind up flipping three seats back in New Jersey two years later in this race, and I think impeachment is a large part of it, at least in New Jersey. Even in a blue state where Donald Trump’s approval ratings are in the high 30s.”

“Three seats in New Jersey if Republicans win three seats in New Jersey it’s going to be a Republican House,” he added.

He is suggesting that if three seats in deep-blue New Jersey can flip, it’s a bad omen for Democrats nationwide.


The social media trolls are very angry with Christie, calling him names from dishonest, idiot, fat, a slob, to filthy curse words we can’t repeat.

But, does he have a point? We think so.

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