Chris Christie Tells Trump to Embrace NYT Russian Agent Story


Chris Christie wants the President to embrace the New York Times story claiming Trump is possibly a Russian agent and a national security threat.

“On the New York Times story, I would say this. If I were the president, I’d embrace the story because it backs up his narrative. His narrative is that FBI agents were acting in a rogue manner, overstepping the normal course of business because they had something against him,” Christie said on ABC News’ “This Week” program.

“So if I were him, I wouldn’t be tweeting about the ‘Failing New York Times,’ and how bad the story is, and how insulted he is to be accused of that. I’d go the opposite tack and say, ‘Wait a second, this is what I’ve been saying all along, the FBI under Jim Comey was out of control.’”

He has a point. The NYT story shows that a bunch of partisan bureaucrats in charge at the DOJ and FBI got together and decided to investigate a President of the United States based on rumors.



  1. Trump has been saying that Comey and the FBI were out of control, he was very early to say that. Christie was not. Christie focuses on the victim Trump? Christie is a known betrayer, in 2012 his acts to trash his party and embrace Obama just before the election were awful.

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