Chris Coons Says It’s Up to the Judge to Disprove the Allegations


Senator Chris Coons speaks for all Democrats when he promotes the idea of guilty until proven innocent if you’re a Republican. He is echoing Senator Hirono’s comments this week — she said the same thing. That is, Judge Kavanaugh has to disprove all the unsubstantiated and unprovable allegations leveled against him.

Every single allegation is garbage and there’s no evidence — so far.

If the Democrats have the opportunity, they will turn our justice system upside down and the first thing to go will be the rule of law. Due process won’t survive.



  1. We should remember Sen Coons when he viciously attacked Star Parker in a hearing saying, “you’re ignorant” because he wouldn’t agree to her position on abortion and slavery. A White Man telling a Black Woman This.

    This is an example of how Broken Google’s search is. If searching for the video on Google it doesn’t show up.

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