Chris Cuomo Refers to Principal Deputy WH Aide as Raj “Whatever His Name Is”


If you’re the first Indian-American to hold a high office as an aide to the President, the first to hold a press gaggle, and more,  but you’re a Republican, don’t expect to be treated with respect.

Raj Shah is an American Republican political aide and the current Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary in the administration. Shah first served as Deputy White House Communications Director for Research. Prior to joining the Trump administration, Shah was in charge of opposition research at the Republican National Committee.

Impressive but not for leftist media. This is how they treat him.

During a discussion of the alleged “s***hole” comment by the President. The left-wing media host Chris Cuomo, his co-host, and his two guests just assume Durbin, not everyone else is telling the truth. Senator Durbin is trustworthy, the brother of the awful New York governor quotes a partisan as saying, but Senator Perdue is not, the quote concludes.

In fact Durbin has been caught in lies and the only senator accusing Trump is Durbin. It’s not only Perdue saying Durbin is lying.

Chris Cuomo said, “… on the media because it works for them. Time will tell the test. You have these two senators on one side, but remember, A.B., we went to the White House when it happened and Raj, whatever his name is, didn’t back off the words.”

The two guests (A.B. and Harlow whatever their names are) didn’t blink, didn’t bother to mention the aide’s name.


  1. Hey Cuomo, Raj Shah is a lot easier to pronounce than your own CNN reporter’s name on capital hill,,,,Manu Raju, you have no problem pronouncing his name, Manu Raju is also American of Indian descent, isn’t that a slap in the face to Manu??? if Trump had said “whatever his name is” Cnn would be yelling RACIST !!!!!!!!!

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