Chris Cuomo Convicts Trump on Air Because Trump Had “Clear Intent”


Hillary Clinton didn’t have any “intent” when she violated national security but Chris Cuomo says with absolute certainty that Trump had “clear intent” AND he seems to know Trump colluded with Russia.

Judge, jury, and executioner, Chris Cuomo.

“We are living a very big moment right now,” Cuomo said Thursday morning on CNN. “How will lawmakers respond to the president’s clear intent to influence this Russia investigation, even after the appointment of a special counsel?”

Why did they bother appointing Mueller, they could have just placed a call to Chris.

With all the investigations, you’d think there would have been some evidence by now. There’s no evidence, much less intent.

FBI acting director Andrew McCabe testified under oath last week that there hasn’t been any effort to interfere in the investigation from the White House. Was he lying?

How about this testimony from then-FBI director Comey – was he committing perjury?

We don’t need evidence? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? CNN doesn’t even pretend to be a legitimate news outlet.

By the way, when is Loretta Lynch going to be put under oat to discuss her Bill Clinton-tarmac meeting? When do the investigations into the uranium mine sale, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, and Podesta U.S. technology deal begin?

Has Cuomo said it’s legal for us to disagree with him?

Cuomo also said the media has to be the opposition to Trump.

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James Hawkins
James Hawkins
6 years ago

CNN is definitely not worth watching if one desires anything close to the truth.

6 years ago

I happened to read where Dershowitz made an astounding statement. He stated that even IF Trump colluded with the Russians it is NOT a criminal act or against the law. This man is certainly not some mediocre attorney. This needs to be explored further.

I don’t bother with watching videos such as the ones above. I quit watching any of them. Furthermore, there is an article on Drudge and I’ve decided to mouse over the links and see what the source is. Since it’s a NY Times article I won’t waste my time. That is what it has become; a colossal waste of time.

Anyway, what is his problem with Trump AFTER the appointment of Mueller, Because I refuse to listen to him.

6 years ago

Some of these people are just a special kind of moron.