Chris Farrell Says “We Are Moving Further and Further Towards a Failed State”


There is a massive “leadership failure” in the United States Congress and in our government agencies according to Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell. He is worried we are moving towards a “failed state” because of it. No one will step up in the face of unbelievable corruption, he says.

As an example, the House Intelligence Committee has worked out a deal with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson to testify to limited questions and keep the answers as well as the financial transactions concerning the dossier kept from the public. Simpson is corrupt and he worked with very corrupt people but he is being allowed to work out deals.

On the other hand, the judge in the Manafort case won’t allow Manafort to defend himself publicly as the media tears him apart and Mueller’s leaks damage him immensely.

Farrell agreed it’s a serious problem. “Yeah, Fusion GPS was not an opposition research firm, it was an opposition manufacturing firm. They were in the business of, not digging up dirt but creating it and then smearing it around, as you referenced earlier. This move by Simpson, to do a special deal with limited questions behind closed doors, you know, maybe they think they’re getting some super insight.”

“But again,” said Farrell, “This is the problem with Congressional committees because very often it’s just a sound bite event.”

Dobbs wanted to know why the DoJ and the FBI aren’t investigating this.

Farrell gave the bottom line. “The real answer is this is a gross leadership failure. That’s where you have to go in analyzing this. You can’t talk it away. You can’t say ‘Oh gee, maybe next time,’ this is nothing else but a leadership failure. And when I say that I mean obviously, specifically, Mr. Ryan.”

“But even the other members in the leadership at the committee level,” says Farrell, “because you can’t have a guy like this come in and cut his own special deal. He’s placed in direct opposition to his two partners.”

Dobbs wanted to know where is the House Oversight? “Where in the world is the House Judiciary Committee here?”

“What in the world are they doing because they’re acting like little pink poodles who are afraid to get into the arena. And they certainly don’t want to be held accountable for an effective investigation of pressing national issues, national security issues.”

Farrell’s response was unnerving.  “I’ll be blunt. They’re nearly worthless. They’re good for what we’re discussing right now and that is bringing up the topic, but what we really need here, is the Attorney General of the United States and the Department of Justice to impanel grand juries and start indicting people.”

When asked what it is going to take, Farrell said, “I don’t know how much more twisted and perverted it can get, frankly. We’re at the point now where there is substantial evidence to go before a grand jury. The only thing missing is a dead body. Maybe that will come along at some point.”

Dobbs said what we’re all thinking, some say there are dead bodies popping up.

Dobbs mentioned Andrew McCabe’s dealings and the fact that there is no reaction whatsoever from the Attorney General or the FBI Director and “it is maddening to witness.”

“All the normal mechanisms of government are failing”, Farrell said, and “we are in danger of sliding further and further towards being a failed state”. All government mechanisms are failing.

Do you think he’s right? If it’s true, our feckless politicians will blame Trump and move on while the Republic collapses.

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Terry Schuck
Terry Schuck
6 years ago

Spot on.

6 years ago

A failed state? No. A very successful state of absolute corruption and evil. And there appear to be no good men or women, in the political circles, who will stand up to it all. Perhaps they are all so completely bought and sold and compromised, there is no hope of anything actually being done.

Jeff Sessions is a absolute fraud of an Attorney General. He has done nothing, and from what I have read, intends to do nothing re Hillary, Mueller, Uranium One, and all the corruption that has been going on for years.

It is, to say the least, profoundly disturbing.