Chris Hayes Explains the Electoral College Stupidly


Fake journalist and MSNBC host Chris Hayes, in response to communistic AOC demanding the Electoral College be abolished, doubled down on her fanatic demand.

AOC’s argument is that the Electoral College unfairly diminishes the voting power of some Americans and therefore is incompatible with our basic democratic commitments.

These people want California and New York to decide every presidential election and control Congress just because of the numbers of people they have in their cities. Rural areas would have no say whatsoever.

Hayes said Republicans don’t believe in so-called “democracy.” That’s true, Republicans believe in the Republic.

“Do we actually really believe in democracy, right?” he asked rhetorically. “The question before us now in the Electoral College question is are we going to actually live up to the promise of one person, one vote?”

“Now, to be fair, it is not surprising the Republicans are defending the Electoral College, right? There is a very obvious reason for that. Since 1992, we have had seven presidential elections. Republicans have won the popular vote one time. But they’ve gotten three presidents out of it,  which is a very sweet deal if you’re the Republican Party. You can see why, just on basic tactical grounds, the Republican Party would want to continue a system in which they can lose a majority of votes and still get all the powers of the presidency.”

The truth is the U.S. Constitution doesn’t say anything about “one person, one vote.” It embraces the Electoral College.

There are more people in these states Chris — as you say — and that’s why they get MORE ELECTORAL VOTES IDIOT!!!

Nothing he says in this clip is true. It’s especially not true that we are a democracy — we are a Republic. I think he knows the truth but these Democrats lie because they want all the power.


Rep. Dan Crenshaw responds, explaining once again, the concept neither AOC, Chris Hayes or most Democrats will ever understand. They don’t want to understand, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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