Chris Matthews: Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders Represents Democrats Today



Chris Matthews was asked who represents the Democratic Party today and made the stunning admission that it’s Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a radical Socialist or a Communist depending on how you view his plan to nationalize the banks, tax up to 90%, and put Big Government in charge of pretty much everything.

Matthews said it’s partly due to the feeling that the system isn’t “straight”.

So they want more of what is making it worse?

There isn’t much a Republican agrees with Matthews on but this might be one. Democrats should be blaming a lot of the economic and foreign policy problems on Obama but they don’t at all.

Seth Meyers asked Matthews:

“…now who do you think represents the Democratic Party, where it is now, better? Obviously Bernie is the sort of the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Hillary is more of a known quantity even though she tried to sell her Progressive credentials last night. Who do you think represents the Democratic Party more right now?”

He responded saying:

“He’s where the party is headed. And the party is much more left than it was. If you had said socialist four or eight years ago, you would have been blown out of town. You can’t say socialist. Now it doesn’t bother anybody. ‘Cause they don’t think the system’s straight, right now. And in fact, if you talked about the rich, people would say, ‘Oh that’s class politics. You can’t do that.’ Nobody said that this time because they know it’s right. Because of the numbers. How bad people are getting hurt.”

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