Chris Wallace Blames Trump for Starting the Russia Collusion Probe


The evidence shows that the President was likely framed and the Russia collusion probe was intended to damage or destroy him. That isn’t a narrative Chris Wallace will accept. In fact, he is gaslighting viewers by blaming Trump for the investigation into his alleged collusion with Russia.

Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday battled with former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, claiming the President is responsible for the probe in the first place.

When Jason Chaffetz said today that Democrats have to accept Mueller’s conclusions since he’s credible and there are no new indictments, Wallace jumped in, his temper flashing.

‘NO, NO, NO!”

“No, no, no!” he declared in anger, interrupting Chaffetz.

“We’re not going to go there. It originated because Donald Trump fired [then-FBI Director] James Comey. And then he said to Lester Holt on NBC, it’s the Russia thing. That’s why there was a special counsel.”

Chaffetz was hearing none of it.

“Every single Democrat in this town wanted to fire James Comey,” Chaffetz shot back, adding that the president had received a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommending the firing of Comey because of the “substantial damage” he’d done to the agency.


Wallace is all wet. The firing and the comment to Holt took place long after this entire narrative began. His timeline is wrong.

The Russia collusion tale existed well before Comey was fired. It started with the dossier and the FBI spying on the campaign, before the election.

The investigation began with a mostly discredited dossier that was written by a Trump-hating British ex-spy. It allegedly came from Russian spies and was paid for by Hillary’s DNC and her campaign. All of the fake, unverified data was illicitly forwarded to the Obama FBI and illicitly spread around to the MSM to smear the President. The dossier was then used to get the spy warrant on Carter Page. That warrant allowed them to spy on anyone Page communicated within the Trump campaign.

Trump campaign officials and likely Trump himself were unmasked prior to Comey’s firing.

Wallace is inaccurate, but he is on a mission.




    • OAN direct TV 347 does not allow rich leftist spoiled brats talking fiction. Wallace spends an hour each Sunday talking nonsense.

  1. So glad I don’t watch the son of meathead or FAUX news. Maybe Me-Gyn can come back and wear a short skirt to keep the dimwitted dullards tuned in?

  2. Chris Wallace isn’t a pimple on a real journalist’s ass. He is a mini brained left winger who comes across as a ferret who is lost in the city. He is not even qualified to be on a closed circuit TV network which has only 5th graders tuned in. Wallace is an embarrassment to the concept of intelligence and has no regard for the values for which so many persons have given their lives. Just the sight of Chris Wallace turns an intelligent person’s stomach……….His demeanor is cynical, disrespectful, and he doesn’t have the credentials to be a high school newspaper columnist.. His legacy is Chuckie Todd who must be his son by Rachel Madcow.

  3. Wallace is there to block reasonable discussions, he has done it for many years. The few conservative guests he allows on need to be more combative with him. There’s no way the rich spoiled brat can take the pressure. He needs more than disagreement, he needs to be humiliated.

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