Chris Wallace fights with Kellyanne, obsesses on obstruction


The clip below is very frustrating. Chris Wallace is no longer even attempting to appear unbiased. Wallace is an obsessed anti-Trumper who won’t let anyone supporting the President make a point. He is insisting that Trump might have obstructed justice.

He fought with Kellyanne Conway and nitpicked on everything she said.

This is a short clip, and it’s maddening.

He likes to call the President a liar.

He kept picking at her. For example, she used the word ‘report’ instead of ‘memo’ and he interrupted her for that, trying to throw her off her game. Wallace is obnoxious.

Wallace says the President might still be guilty of obstruction.


Mueller didn’t make a decision about obstruction and left it to Barr. Barr made a decision, with Rod Rosenstein, and concluded that the elements of the crime of obstruction of justice are not present here. He states:

The report identifies no actions that, in our judgement, constitute obstructive conduct, had a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding, and were done with corrupt intent, each of which, under the Department’s principles of federal prosecution guiding charging decisions, would need to be proven beyond a reasonable to establish an obstruction-of-justice offense.

When Mueller left this to Bill Barr, he made him a target, gave a nugget to the Democrat media and the Democrats, and didn’t do his job. Mark Levin said he didn’t pursue obstruction because there was no probable cause — no evidence. He says Mueller did this to smear the President.

Meanwhile, Wallace won’t let it go after more than two years of abuse over nothing. In this clip, he ignores the fact that the President and his team had nothing to do with Russians, which was the point of the probe — allegedly.



  1. Wallace is a little prick…….never watch Fox when he is on……or when the disgusting Shephard is on …were he a bigger prick, Shephard Smith would probably date him!!! they both need to move over to MSLSD before FOX looses all of its viewers!!!

  2. The son of meathead couldn’t fight his way out of a wet grocery sack with a switchblade.
    Kellyane? So hot, do want!

  3. As soon as I see Wallace or Shephard Smith I change the channel I can’t stand
    Wallace why don’t he just go to NBC or CNN . I remembered way back when our
    President totally embarrassed Wallace his face was wight as a sheet he still has
    this grudge against him.

  4. Kellyanne proves that Chris Wallace is out of his league. No matter what he did, she countered him expertly and left him standing in his boxers. The guy just doesn’t learn, like most leftists, he is ignorant of his ignorance. Way to go, Kellyanne.

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