Christian Owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Targeted Again


Jack Phillips refused to make a gay wedding cake and the gay couple filed a lawsuit against him claiming discrimination. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the case and found in favor of the Colorado Masterpiece Cakeshop but it was a very narrow ruling.

The cake shop did not refuse to sell cakes to gays, it simply didn’t want to prepare a custom cake with a specific message on it which it believed was contrary to the owner’s religious beliefs.

On June 26, 2017, on the day the Supreme Court took the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, Attorney Autumn Scardina called the cake shop to request a “gender transition” cake. Scardina wanted him to create a cake to celebrate a gender transition from male to female. The caller asked for the cake to be pink on the inside and blue on the outside.


The cake shop declined, so on June 20, 2017, Scardina filed a complaint, with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the state notified Phillips that it had found probable cause.

The commission declared that Scardina “is a member of protected classed (sic) based on her sex (female) and transgender status (gender identity).”

Mr. Phillips was targeted and the people going after him don’t care how much they hurt this man. Where do transgenders’ rights begin and a religious man’s end?

Alliance Defending Freedom, the law firm that represented Phillips before the Supreme Court, blasted the commission’s investigation, Todd Starnes reported.

“Jack is being targeted,” ADF attorney Kristen Waggoner said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “He’s being bullied by the state of Colorado.”

Waggoner said the attorney, who she called an LGBT activist, “essentially set him up.”

“It’s nothing more than hostility towards people of faith,” she said on the nationally syndicated radio program. “How could you say this kind of cake – blue on the outside, pink on the inside – how can you say that doesn’t have a message? It clearly has a message.”

The lawsuit accuses the government of anti-religious hostility.


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