Christianity in Egypt Disintegrates, Western Media Continues to Distort


Egyptian Evangelical church ransacked, looted, and burned in Malawi, south of Minya

Egyptian Evangelical church ransacked, looted, and burned in Malawi, south of Minya

Egypt is being firmly divided and civil war is approaching. Christians and minority Muslims are the prime target but they are largely ignored by the Western media. They are an afterthought.

Churches, schools, orphanages, and businesses being run by Christians are being razed to the ground, Al Qaeda flags are being hung from their buildings where anything is left standing. They are marching nuns and Christian women through the streets, verbally and physically attacking them. At least one priest was shot and a little girl coming home from bible school was shot and killed.

All Christians are in danger and the police aren’t available.

Christians were in Egypt a 1,000 years before the Islamists. This is their home.

While the Islamist radicals – the Muslim Brotherhood – rampage through Christian neighborhoods, the Coptic Pope expressed his support for the interim government and his shock at the bias in the Western media.

via al arabiya

The Egyptian Coptic Church is following the unfortunate developments on the ground of our country Egypt and emphasizes its strong stance with the Egyptian police, armed forces and other organizations of the Egyptian people in the face of groups of armed violence and black terrorism,” the church said in a statement.

“While we appreciate the sincere and friendly position that understands the nature of the developments, we strongly deplore the media fallacies that are prevalent in Western countries,” the statement added.

The Coptic Church called on the West to “read objectively the facts of events, and not give international and political cover to these terrorist and bloody groups.”


Photo of Pope Tawadros II, Coptic pope (AP Getty image)

You can randomly pick almost any article in the mainstream and find the assault on Christianity ignored or played down and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists described as protesters.

CNN continues to largely ignore the terror inflicted on Christians in Egypt, refers to terrorists as protestors, and accentuates the brutality of the Army. In this linked NY Times article, there is no mention of the torture inflicted on the Christians but rather, they decry the fact that we have been forced to support the Army. The Washington Post rails against the military and claims falsely that the protesters were largely peaceful prior to the military crackdown. It’s not true.

The ‘peaceful protest camps’ were used as bases from which to launch vicious assaults on minorities in Egypt. They were slaughtering opponents.

Check out this clip:

This next video is from four months ago:

The long-suffering Christians who make up 10% of the population of 90 million, have been subjected to stepped-up attacks by the Brotherhood since the revolution of 2011.

They have become the scapegoats since Morsi was ousted, suffering increased violence. Muslim Brotherhood are shooting unarmed, innocent children in the street. They have burned and looted 50 churches while 20 others have been heavily damaged since Wednesday, when the Army moved in to clear two Brotherhood camps.

The camps were being used as bases from which they launched attacks on opponents, mostly minority Muslims and Christians.

Hundreds came to protect two monasteries and churches but the police stations were pinned down defending their stations or reinforcing others unable to protect the churches, leaving them to be seriously damaged or destroyed. In seven of the nine provinces with large Christian populations, police have disappeared, leaving Islamist extremists to attack freely.

The radicals broke into the Franciscan school and looted or destroyed everything in sight. They set the 115-year old building on fire and ordered three nuns and a handful of school employees out.

The cross on the gate was knocked off and replaced with an al-Qaida flag.

By the time the Islamists ordered them out, fire was raging at every corner of the 115-year-old main building and two recent additions. Money saved for a new school was gone, said sister Manal, the Principal, and every computer, projector, desk and chair was hauled away. Frantic SOS calls to the police, including senior officers with children at the school, produced promises of quick response but no one came.

The principal, Sister Manal, said pleas to the police for help went unanswered, the money for the new school is gone, everything was gone. Her school had an equal number of Christian and Muslim children but it didn’t matter to the radicals.

The nuns were paraded through the streets like prisoners of war while abuse was hurled at them until a former employee, whose son-in-law is a policeman, took them in. Two Christian women employed by the schools had to fight their way out of the mob while groped, hit and insulted by the extremists.

The same happened at a Catholic school and an orphanage in Minya. They were razed to the ground.

A Catholic pastor of a church nearby said, “I am terrified and unable to focus.”

Christian businesses have the same story. Black X’s have been marked on Christian stores. Last week, a 10-year old child was shot in the head walking back from bible school.

Morsi supporters promise to suicide bomb opponents and set Christians on fire:

In this photo, you can see a Muslim Brotherhood trained fighter with a US military tactical Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun.


Source: Associated Press


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