Christianity Is ‘Nonsense History’ To One History Professor


misguided prof

Check out the letter to the editor above. It’s from a history professor who is infuriated about an Independence Day float that mentioned God and had a cross next to Ben Franklin. He’s offended because he believes it is historically inaccurate, not because he’s vehemently anti-Christian or anything.

Long Island is falling prey to the minority who reject any mention of God or Christianity in public, even if it’s part of the history.

This retired professor – of history unfortunately – railed against the Independence Day float in the hamlet of Patchogue, Long Island. The float had Thomas Jefferson writing at a desk with a quill pen and Ben Franklin standing next to a 7-foot cross emblazoned with the caption, God Bless America.

Dear me, how could the makers of the float do that on Independence Day? Do they think they have freedom of religion?

The professor – Bill – was offended, and he was having such a blast until then. He called the float a “nonsense” float that mixes up the founding.

The only one mixing up the founding is him. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles whether Bill likes it or not. He and his leftist friends can change our country into his secular Utopia if they want, but they shouldn’t be changing history.

Professor Bill claims it implies we have a state religion. The only thing it implied is that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were Christians who came up with many of their ideas from Christianity.

Freedom of religion doesn’t mean that Bill gets to ban crosses and the word God in public. It means the people who put the float together can put a cross and the word “God” on it.

I’ve been dealing with this on Long Island for years. I had the one father who came into the school and demanded we call the Easter bunny the Spring bunny. I had the angry mother who demanded I get rid of the Christmas tree in the school lobby because it’s not as big as the Hannukah Dreidl. Then I will have the occasional parent who says that God needs to be stricken completely. That is denying history and it’s not informing children of cultural and philosophical realties that made the United States what it is.

The only thing nonsensical is the angry rant of the misguided history professor.


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