Christianity Today Gurgles Its Last Gasp of Propaganda


The progressive editor of the Evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, Mark Galli got his 15 minutes of fame and the media drained him for his every last drop of propaganda value.

Galli’s been outed as a far-left author heading for retirement, leaving a teeny readership behind. His invoking of Billy Graham in an article smearing Donald Trump was dismissed heartily by his son, Franklin.

His star has already faded, but in the meanwhile, CNN did get mileage out of it. They claimed Christianity Today is an “influential” publication among Evangelicals. They should have added, progressive Evangelicals.

Conservative Evangelicals, who make up most of the religion, say it’s not influential.


According to the ever-hopeful CNN, “the op-ed shows potential reasoning for dissent among a key faction of the Republican coalition as Trump prepared for a potential Senate trial following his impeachment by the House of Representatives.”

“Jim Wallis, one of the nation’s most prominent liberal evangelical leaders, called the op-ed’s stance a “huge, watershed event,” adding that the magazine is arguably the leading evangelical magazine in the nation.”

It’s not very “watershed.” More than 180 Evangelical leaders have condemned their condemnation. The numbers included Billy Graham’s granddaughter. His son already made his feelings known, saying his father would be “disappointed,” adding his father believed in Trump and voted for Trump.

An article in Christianity Today, by a different author, on the 22nd, claims they don’t want to be associated with “President Trump’s rampant immorality, greed, and corruption; his divisiveness and race-baiting; his cruelty and hostility to immigrants and refugees; and more.”

Many would say that’s what the Democrats are doing, plus they’re unborn baby killers — to the moment of birth and some say, after birth.

The author claims they are pro-life. The President is not only pro-life, unlike every Democrat candidate, but he also supports the First Amendment and freedom of religion, unlike the Democrats who hope to smother religion with the State rule.

CT might as well grab headlines while they can.


Galli told NPR that Trump is like an abusive husband. At least he didn’t say he was Hitler.

“It’s like a wife who has a husband who’s verbally abusive, but he’s still a good provider, he’s still a good father to his children. She might put up with that and say, ‘On the one hand, yeah, he’s got a bad temper. On the other hand, he’s a great dad and he’s a good provider.’

“When that husband begins to physically abuse the wife and actually become physically dangerous, that doesn’t balance the scale anymore. And now the real issue is, should this man be in the house or not? And most of us would say he needs to be out of the house.”

That is so ridiculous and he’s a confused individual. There is NO metaphorical equivalence here. There is no way the Democrats, who want to kill babies and stomp all over freedom of religion, are better in any way than the President who is doing what religious people want.

In any case, we should not judge others’ personal life. There but for the grace of God, go I. Judge not, and so on.

Democrats are just using this excuse to turn Evangelicals off to Trump, and it’s not working. They’re so transparent and the Democrat media are just evil in the way they try to stir the pot and use one angry progressive for their agenda.

Therefore, he is mercifully over. CBS News called him an “outlier,” so hasta la vista baby.

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