Christians Beat FEMA in Aid to Hurricane Victims


Christian groups are outpacing FEMA – big government – in providing charitable help to hurricane victims. That isn’t something big government statists want made public.

From the Daily Caller: “Faith-based relief groups are responsible for providing nearly 80 percent of the aid delivered thus far to communities with homes devastated by the recent hurricanes.”

USA Today ran this headline: “Faith groups provide the bulk of disaster recovery, in coordination with FEMA.”

USA Today also noted, the Seventh Day Adventists took charge of disbursing bottles of water, diapers, clothing and other material needs.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief sent out the after-disaster work crews to help with cleanup — which includes everything from pulling mud from homes to assisting victims file their claims forms to government and insurance entities. The Convoy of Hope helped feed the masses, arriving on scene in the south with trucks upon trucks of food, even before Irma hit. Samaritan’s Purse, the Rev. Franklin Graham’s organization, brought everything from food to chainsaws. Post-storm, the same group will help victims rebuild their homes, The Washington Times reported.

FEMA is a big help — in assisting these faith-based non-profits.

Statists will keep raising the taxes until people have no disposable income. It will help them look like the saviors, because they want big government in charge of charity.

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