Christine Blasey-Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Set But Time Is Up


The Democrats are on the threshold of winning in their battle to keep a Republican nominee off the Supreme Court, and they have done it through the process of delay based on a vague 36-year old accusation.

If the testimony of Mrs. Blasey Ford is delayed until Thursday, Democrats will probably win and the Supreme Court will be an evenly divided court for the foreseeable future.

At this point, Blasey has agreed to testify on Thursday at 10 a.m. While procedural and logistical concerns remain, the hearing will go on according to her far-left activist lawyers.


The reason for that is time is up. Tucker Carlson explains.

“According to the original schedule, most of us assumed was real two weeks ago the Senate should have already voted on the nomination by now and Kavanaugh almost certainly would have been confirmed.

He had the numbers.

And then the wrinkle. Democrats leaked the name of Christine Ford to the press. Ford alleges that sometime back in high school, about 36 years ago, Kavanaugh jumped on her at a party and groped her over her clothes.

She’s provided very few details including when and where it allegedly happened. Kavanaugh has denied the story entirely and so has the other person Ford said was present, a man named Mark Judge…[so has the woman who was allegedly at the party].

Thursday is a significant date in this story. Because of Senate rules which are complex, if Ford testifies next Thursday the vote on Kavanaugh will be pushed back at least another week…

Democrats will have prevented the president from filling this vacancy. We’ll have just eight justices for the foreseeable future…

You may have voted for Trump in hope that he would put reasonable people on the Supreme Court.”

It is likely the Senate does not have the votes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Otherwise, they would go ahead with the vote. They should anyway if Tucker is correct.


As far as Tucker’s statement, there is always a way around this if the Senate can stick together. That is a big ‘if’.

For example, there is nothing to say the Judiciary has to vote. The vote could go right to the full Senate.

If Democrats win this, expect to never see a Republican nominee on the Supreme Court again. If high school counts and only counts for Republicans, all is lost.

Megyn Kelly even called Feinstein out but the left doesn’t care about fairness.

In the end, the Democrats plan was brilliant and the handful of terrible Republicans came through as they expected.



  1. I think the attorney for Ford had to agree, while still negotiating, in order to prolong the delay. If she would have been steadfast then Grassley would vote on Monday. In this way, by postponing until Thursday, they can easily reverse course late Wednesday or even Thursday stating the conditions aren’t sufficient to warrant Ford’s appearance.

    Then this is where McConnell needs to step in and insist the Senate remain in session until such time this business is concluded. It is solely in his discretion. This would negate all of the Democrats efforts.

  2. Its been a generational plan to transform this country and the Left is well on the way to rebuild our country into a so-called ‘Socialist Paradise’ in which all will be equally poor, destitute and in bondage to slavery.

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