Christine Blasey receives a courage award for her sketchy story of abuse


Christine Blasey accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual molestation at a party 36 years before. Kavanaugh said he didn’t even know her.

Blasey was richly rewarded with a GoFundMe account for her testimony against the Justice.

She didn’t know where or when she was molested. Blasey didn’t even know what year it allegedly took place or exactly what happened.

Her witness didn’t believe her.

There was no evidence and no witnesses to confirm her allegations. She was simply not credible.

That being said, the ACLU, a traditionally hard-left organization, gave her a courage award. She received the Rodger Baldwin Courage Award at the ACLU of Southern California’s Bill of Rights dinner.

“When I came forward last September, I did not feel courageous,” Ford said Sunday, the Daily Caller reported.

“I was simply doing my duty as a citizen, providing information to the Senate that I believed would be relevant to the Supreme Court nomination process,” she added. “I thought anyone in my position would, of course, do the same thing.”

Blasey said she was inspired by Anita Hill and by values her parents instilled in her.

“I had a responsibility to my country, to my fellow citizens, to my students, to my children, to live the values that I try to teach them,” Ford told the audience. 

She also said her testimony inspired 20,000 women across the country to send her messages about their sexual assault experiences.

“That’s why it means so much to me to be recognized by you tonight,” Ford told the Bill of Rights dinner’s audience. “Because I know you will continue the work of protecting sexual assault survivors and preventing sexual assault. You will continue the work to protect personal privacy and the rights of citizens.



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