Christopher Columbus Statue Beheaded in Yonkers, Colonel Crawford in Ohio


The war on our history is part of a larger campaign to attack the very foundation of Western civilization and Christian values. It is the reason the historical reputations of our Founding Fathers are continually attacked and statues are being destroyed. Once these men are set aside as objects of admiration, they can be replaced with leftist icons, for the purpose of advancing a secular and socialist agenda.

None of these men were perfect but no one is and it’s impossible to judge people out of their time period. It’s absurd.

The beheading of Columbus

A statue of celebrated explorer Christopher Columbus was found beheaded in a Yonkers park this week. Every statue of early America and of every European will be destroyed if the left has their way.

Lifelong resident Pat Gamberdella said he called police when he noticed the head of the statue torn off.

“It’s very upsetting that American values have sunken to the level they are today,” Gamberdella said. “It’s unfortunate because I did go up there and I did see it all smashed.”

The head to the bronze-colored statue was found discarded next to a plastic bag in Columbus Memorial Park, a mile north of the Bronx.

At least four statues of Columbus have been destroyed within the last ten days, CBS tried to blame it on the “deadly white supremacist violence in Charlottesville”, but this has been going on for years.

And earlier this week, the controversial statue of a doctor who experimented on slaves but who also greatly contributed to medicine was found defaced in Central Park, with the word “racist” spray-painted on its back, and red paint applied to its eyes, mouth, and neck.

Politicians are also destroying statues.

Bill de Blasio commissioned a panel in NYC to review the status of the famous Columbus statue in Columbus Circle as part of a 90 review considering potentially getting rid of “symbols of hate.” Among the “symbols of hate” are Peter Stuyvesant, Theodore Roosevelt, The Netherland Memorial, and other unlikely targets. City Council president Melissa Mark Viverito definitely wants Columbus gone. She is the one who this past summer insisted a Puerto Rican terrorist be honored at the Puerto Rican Day parade.

Anything that represents the United States is a symbol of hate for these leftists.

Colin Kalmbacher, writing for Law Newz, put the most awful take on Columbus, straight out of communist Howard Zinn’s history of the United States. Kalmbacher linked to a book by hard-left UCLA professor, Peter Nabokov, who takes liberties in his books. Kalmbacher writes his slanted view:

Columbus is famous in the United States for the myth that he discovered the Americas. Aside from foundational mythology taking the place of history, Columbus’ memory is controversial because of the ensuing enslavement, rape, and mass murder of natives that occurred both on his watch and the wake of his “discovery.”

There is evidence he and his brothers were recalled because of their treatment of the natives. However, there is more to his story.

Columbus opened up the New World after a daring voyage. As Samuel Eliot Morrison wrote in his book Christopher Columbus, Mariner, “We now honor Columbus for doing something he never intended to do…. Yet we are right in so honoring him because no other sailor had the persistence, the knowledge, and the sheer guts to sail thousands of miles into the unknown ocean until he found land.”

The leftists want people to believe the natives were peaceful and loving and Columbus’s brutality stood alone. Because of Columbus opening up the New World, the Spanish Christians came and put a stop to the horrific human sacrifices and cannibalism practiced by the brutal Aztec empire.

Leftists like to call Columbus a slaver but he hardly invented it and it was common for the times.

Columbus and the colonizers had much to answer for but their achievements were remarkable.

Colonel Crawford’s violent death

Another statue was beheaded last week. The statue of a Revolutionary War soldier, Col. Crawford, was found beheaded outside the Crawford County courthouse in Ohio, WJW-TV reported.

Ohio lawyer Joel Spitzer posted photos of the vandalism on Facebook and personally offered $1,000 to anyone with information leading to an arrest.

The reason they hate Crawford, a hero of two wars, is because he led an expedition against the Indians who were killing settlers. He was executed by the Indians in retaliation for a previous massacre for which he had no part.

He was tied naked to a sapling with a rope fastened around his neck. A fire was built near him and after suffering from torture for some time, he was tomahawked and thrown alive upon the pile. The sixty year old is said to have died bravely.

The men who survived were beaten, stabbed to death, dismembered slowly by the Indians. Indians kept prisoners alive as long as possible and in as much pain as possible as part of a ritual. Some of the victims bodies were fed to dogs but their heads were impaled on poles.

One wounded man had his heart torn out and an Indian ate it.

At times, prisoners were enslaved and ransomed.

British were also brutal to their Indian captives. Both also showed kindnesses and mercy at times.

We cannot understand the times if we define them by today’s standards.

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