Christopher Steele’s Jewish Spy Conspiracy


The fake dossier by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has an interesting section on page 5 that people might want to read (see below). As The Federalist points out, the dossier includes a spy conspiracy — a Jewish spy conspiracy claim.

According to the fraudulent dossier, Russians tried to specifically recruit Americans of Russian Jewish origin.

Russians allegedly threatened Jewish businesspeople, specifically, to get them to betray the United States. And where is Steele’s evidence for that? He offers known.

It might be an effort to make it seem more plausible that Page was selected. Perhaps Page is Jewish. We are just speculating. If it’s not that, it’s a smear.

Under number 3 on page 5, Steele writes, “In terms of the FSB’s recruitment of capable cyber operatives to carry out its, ideally deniable, offensive cyber operations, a Russian IT specialist with direct knowledge reported in June 2016 that this was often done using coercion and blackmail,” Steele wrote. “In terms of ‘foreign’ agents, the FSB was approaching US citizens of Russian (Jewish) origin on business trip to Russia.”

Steele tried to make it sound as if he was writing that trash directly from intelligence. What a buffoon.

As we now know, the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page relied entirely on the dossier. The FBI misled the court and didn’t bother to mention that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for it. They also forgot to mention that it was not verified or contained any verifiable intelligence. They left out the fact that Carter Page was an FBI asset — a fairly enormous omission — it’s exculpatory.

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