Chuck Hagel Can’t Figure Out What Putin Is Up To


hagel is a joker

Chuck Hagel, our crazy Secretary of Defense, doesn’t understand what Putin’s intentions are in the Ukraine. He is confidant that they didn’t misjudge him but they are still working on figuring out what he is up to. I guess the tens of thousands of military on the border aren’t a dead giveaway, even after the seizure of Crimea.

The Hill posted his latest moronic statement on the issue expressed during a Bloomberg TV interview: “I don’t think it was a matter of misjudging Putin,” he said. “What his intentions were, why he did what he did, we still don’t understand fully.”

He did notice the troops are still on the border: “We do not have any verification that they are pulling troops back,” he said. “There have been various reports that they are moving troops back. There are troops that are moving around. We know that. But no indication of any significant movement of those large troop deployments along that border away from the border.”

Why would Putin move his troops? What incentive does he have? The banning of some oligarchs from the United States?

NATO Commander, Gen. Philip M. Breedlove told the New York Times last week that 40,000 troops remain within striking distance of Ukraine, ready to attack within “12 hours’ notice”. They could “accomplish their military objectives within three to five days.”

Last Monday President Validimir Putin told Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Kremlin was beginning to withdraw troops from the border. However, Gen. Breedlove said that so far only a single battalion of 400 to 500 troops was on the move but not necessarily being withdrawn.

What is so hard for Hagel to understand? It sounds pretty clear to me.

Welcome to Hagel’s lala land.


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