Chuck Schumer “Quietly” Met Several Times With McCain in His “Secret Hideaway”


John McCain was once a hero, more than forty years ago, and Benedict Arnold was a hero once too. Both ended up collaborating with the enemy.

John McCain, who is supposed to be a Republican, is a close friend of Chuck Schumer’s. In order to be Schumer’s good friend, there has to be something wrong with you mentally or in character.

The NY Times reported that this week Chuck Schumer, the Democrat-Socialist Party leader, made several “quiet visits to the private hideaway office of John McCain”.

Allegedly, McCain was worried the skinny healthcare bill would hurt his constituents. The bill he’s talking about didn’t really do anything more than repeal the individual and business mandates and the medical tax with the promise of more to come later.

The NY Times called it, laughably, “a moment of prayer for Mr. McCain”.  Schumer promised they would have his back in his “quest for bipartisan legislation” on healthcare. That’s just what the Democrats would do. Oh, no, wait, I’m wrong, they didn’t work in a bipartisan manner for eight years. Obama had his pen and phone.

In return, Schumer said Democrats would pass McCain’s defense bill.

“To me it was poignant,” said the lying snake-in-the-grass Schumer who almost cried talking about McCain in the senate on Friday.

“It reminded me of going to Ted Kennedy’s hideaway and talking to him when he was ill, when he would show me pictures on the wall”, Schumer the hack said, “I had a lump in my throat several times”.

Ahh….sweet. Tears for a man who left a woman to die and a Republican who betrayed his party.

It’s almost as if the Democrats won the election.

The Times pondered the question of bipartisan healthcare welfare now that the bill has been defeated and will continue to be defeated as long as the three Democrats posing as Republicans refuse to vote like Republicans. Murkowski, McCain and Collins are all old, bulletproof Progressives.

Feinstein said, “This has had a big impact. If you leave out a whole political party, and then you chasten them for not helping, well, that unites the party”.

She left out the fact that the Democrat Socialists refused to help unless the healthcare welfare model was continued. They will only agree to “fix” Obamacare with the hope of moving towards single-payer when it collapses. If they can keep this going until Democrats come back into office, they have it made.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of Americans who haven’t a clue as to what is going on. A third of Americans are clueless, another third don’t give a hoot, and the other third will fight. It’s always been that way and it is that way now.

The Times article went on to praise the miserable New York senator Schumer ad nauseam quoting people like fake Vietnam hero Blumenthal of Connecticut. Schumer feigned modesty as he subtly promoted himself as an FDR-type leader.

Most of the Obamacare fight is over Medicaid. Democrats want it to grow exponentially with no regard for the fact that it is unsustainable right now. They have a lot of governors on their side because they are vying for their handouts.

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