Chuck Schumer Says “Let Everybody Vote. Everybody”


Have you noticed that Democrats are now suggesting non-citizens and illegal aliens should vote? Barack Obama suggested it in 2012. Socialist Stacey Abrams also suggested it recently. Hillary’s lawyers, while fighting for votes for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, argued for accepting the votes of illegal aliens. Allegedly, the Texas Democrat Party asked illegal aliens to vote.

A number of cities allow illegal aliens to vote and others are considering it.

With that as a backdrop, is that what Chuck Schumer meant when he said “everybody” should vote. It sure sounds that way. “Everybody” means every body. Maybe he’d like 12-year-olds to vote.

Wouldn’t that take a constitutional amendment Chuckie?

He certainly means we should allow people to vote after the election deadlines. He is fully supporting lawsuits in Florida and Georgia asking for exactly that.


“We’re going to fight for real reforms, to loosen the grip of special interests in Washington – and to let everybody vote. Everybody – not stand in the way of people voting, which is a despicable, despicable thing for people to do. It’s against the wellspring of our democracy,” Schumer said.

“We hope our colleagues in the House will have success in passing bills like this. We will be relentless here in the Senate in pressuring Senator McConnell and Republicans in the Senate to put them on the floor or pay the consequences.”

“The American people voted for Democrats last week on the strength of our ideas. Senate Democrats are committed to make those ideas a reality in this upcoming Congress.”

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