Chuck Schumer Says “The Sooner the Better” on Impeaching Trump


The hack senator of New York Chuck Schumer showed up at the Labor Day parade Monday and one of the participants asked him about impeaching Trump. Schumer said, “the sooner the better.”

The hack would say that about any Republican and began saying ‘impeach Trump’ as soon as the President was elected.

The constituent pressed him and he responded by saying he needed to get some Republicans on his side to get him impeached.

Schumer is a superficial phony who launches attacks over the pettiest of issues and then gets nothing done. He’s all show, no substance. Definitely consider reading the following article.

Schumer is also the fool who planned the outrageous circus at the Kavanaugh hearings today. It’s a terrible way
to treat a good person like Judge Kavanaugh.

If he and his Party of No win back the House, all we will see is obstructionism, ad hominem attacks, lies, and lawsuits.

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