Chuck Schumer’s Pal Preet Bharara Whines About His Dismissal, Dinesh Cheers


If there was ever any doubt that headline-grabbing Preet Bharara should be fired, he removed all doubt with the political drama he set off after refusing to resign when asked as the Attorney for the U.S. Southern District. The anti-administration news he engendered about his firing was strictly for political expediency.

We don’t know the exact reasons he was finally fired but he is a friend of Schumer’s and should have been fired January 21st.

He was recommended for the job by hack Chuck Schumer. Anyone Schumer likes is not good.

Out of 93 federal districts, Bharara’s is the one that does not issue grand jury subpoenas, which is unusual. In fact his office was very, very accommodating to defense lawyers while resisting FBI efforts in The Clinton Foundation case.

On the other hand, Dinesh D’Souza was harshly treated for what is often an overlooked federal campaign finance violation. Preet went after him with a vengeance. Dinesh celebrates Preet’s departure.

Preet has been crying about how he was fired but he forgot to tell people he refused to take the President’s call allegedly because of his position in the DoJ.

When Bill Clinton fired 93 of Bush’s attorneys, he found it humorous. One of those attorneys was Jeff Sessions and all he got was a letter.

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