Chuck Todd goes full McCarthy on Sen. Kennedy, calls him a Putin asset



Progressive Chuck Todd went full McCarthy on Sunday accusing Senator Kennedy of doing Putin’s bidding. The one thing that is clear is the Sunday news shows are filled with untalented hosts spreading disinformation.

Senator Kennedy is a Russian asset now? The White House is doing the bidding of Russia? This is an insane, unfounded accusation that started with Hillary Clinton.

The media has joined forces with Democrats and are working hard to overturn the election and to make certain that the President is not re-elected. Their actions in pushing this is deranged.

Nancy Pelosi said the other day that the President is an “imposter.” That is the bottom line, Democrats can’t accept that Trump won so they come up with conspiracy theories and demand the President prove he’s innocent.

Democrats go from one stunt to another and they are all hoaxes.

Senator Kennedy can handle Todd although we have no doubt Todd’s under the delusion he is stomping all over Kennedy.



    • Good point though I think he might have gone too far. It’s distant history, and it’s hard to know the truth, but he was right about the threat of communism. He was prescient.

  1. Todd’s lack of ability is obvious. But dumbed down America does not notice. He’s sophomoric. Every one of the Sunday hosts are gossip reporters.

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