CIA Slams NY Times “Fictional” Story About Buying Dirt on Trump


We posted a New York Times story Friday evening and had misgivings about it. The report claimed the CIA and NSA colluded with Russians to buy dirt on Trump. The CIA was also said to be purchasing their stolen cyberweapons. We thought the NY Times was up to something. They made the intel agencies sound like the Keystone Kops. The CIA is reportedly angry about what they say was a “fictional” story.

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd denied the story on Saturday, saying,” “The fictional story that CIA was bilked out of $100,000 is patently false.”

The CIA under Pompeo might be more trustworthy.

It’s a short statement. The spokesman said the part about the CIA being bilked out of $100,000 was fictional. What about the NSA’s role?

He didn’t say they didn’t try to buy dirt on Trump either. The other part of the story about them trying to buy back their software sounded false, but buying dirt? We just don’t know.

The CIA is referring to a New York Times story published Friday that claimed the CIA was swindled by a mysterious Russian operative when the agency tried to purchase dirt on President Trump.

According to the Times, CIA agents were fleeced for $100,000 by the man who falsely claimed he had images of Trump with hookers in Moscow in 2013.

The CIA rarely responds to news reports but they must have been ticked because they responded to this one. They called the story “fictional,” adding that the only people fooled were the reporters who published the story.

The original story captured the attention of President Trump, who pithily responded: “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”

The New York Times doesn’t knock themselves out getting facts these days. They live by clicks and anonymous sources.


Another fake news story making the rounds is that Chief of Staff John Kelly told anonymous people he would resign if need be over the Rob Porter incident. He might also be fired, the media reported far and wide.

President Trump asked Kellyanne Conway to make certain to say this morning that he has “full confidence” in his Chief of Staff. Yesterday, the White House reported that Kelly never said he’d resign.

The President isn’t looking for replacements, the White House reported. Mick Mulvaney backed up Conway’s statement.

We now live in the world of make-believe and it’s called the 24-hour news cycle. Who to believe? The journalists are soooo worried about websites like mine being inaccurate. Perhaps they should worry about themselves first. I get all my news from them.

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