CIA Was Running Arms from Libya to Syria Night of Benghazi Attack


Benghazi Benghazi attack, 9/11/11

According to CNN, at least 35 CIA agents were in Benghazi on the night of the attack on the consulate, 9/11/11.

CNN reported that a CIA team was working near the annex and the consulate on a mission to send missiles from Libya to Syrian rebels.

It is believed that the cover up was to keep the operations secret. There is no question there is a cover up.

More Americans have been injured than originally reported by the administration.

Survivors are being bullied.

“Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings,” CNN reported.

A spokesperson for the CIA said that agents are always free to talk with Congress ‘if they want.’ They said this as the survivors are being moved around and their names changed to hide them from Congress. They said this as survivors have been forced to sign non-disclosure statements and take monthly lie detector tests.

Hillary Clinton denied knowing that weapons were being shipped to Syria when interviewed during the Benghazi hearings.

In a radio interview with Aaron Klein, Rand Paul said at about 3:00 minutes (click here) that he doubted Hillary didn’t know about the shipment of weapons out of Libya. Rand Paul’s theory all along has been that Benghazi was a cover up to keep people from knowing about the arms trade in Benghazi. He has been demonized for saying it.

It wasn’t until June 14, 2013 that Obama said he would send arms to Syria. He consistently denied sending arms to Syria prior to this.

Meanwhile, the president who promised to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice can’t seem to find them even though CNN did find one and interviewed him for an hour.

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