Clapper is shaken & implicates Obama a bit


Former DNI James Clapper appeared on CNN with Jim Sciutto this week when he was asked about SpyGate.

His response was interesting.

Clapper appears to be knee-deep in the FISA abuse warrants and more. He could be in trouble and he didn’t look comfortable with the question.

It was interesting to hear Clapper say that he didn’t “think” they did anything wrong. He doesn’t know?

All they were trying to do was stop the “election meddling,” he said.

Okay, but it’s not hard to recall Obama saying meddling wasn’t an issue. He was not concerned about it. At that point, Obama was certain Hillary would win and he wouldn’t have wanted anything to reflect badly on her win. Things changed when Trump won and the left insisted his election was illegitimate.

Clapper said, seemingly defensively, “what were we supposed to do, just blow off what Obama told us to do?”

What Obama told them to do???

It sounds like Clapper might be willing to sell out Barack.

We all really need to know what Obama told them to do exactly.

The former DNI might be the weak link who will fold under pressure should the pressure ever come.

The former intel official said they were told to assemble all the reporting they could into one report. That report did become the critical report launching much of the speculation that Trump was somehow involved, especially when he didn’t accept their intel.

We need to know what reporting Obama was telling them to gather. We do know there was a lot of leaking at that time. There was a lot of spying as well.

Clapper told Sciutto that it was now “disconcerting” to be investigated for all of this.

He seems very concerned. Now he knows how the President and his staff feel. Maybe Obama should be nervous too, but probably not since Democrats are never held accountable.



  1. We know from Wikileaks that as NSA Director, Clapper spied on over 300 million Americans as well as the Senate and some media. It appears that he is nervous that the lid will blow off the entire Obama-spying-on-Trump affair and maybe get him and his acquaintances busted.

  2. This has the element of surprise for Brennan and many others. I don’t think these crooked operatives thought for one minute, it would come to an investigation of this magnitude. They thought they would get away with the crime of the century, but they underestimated our President and few very good investigative reporters.

  3. Threaten him the same way Comey and the other deep state traitors threatened patriot Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and see how fast he gives up his “comrades”.

  4. That dirty, filthy, communist skumbag should have his tounge cut out. then hang him by the ankles and have him beat to death with a baseball bat on national TV

  5. I seem to recall that Clapper and or Brennan previously (2017) said that Obama authorized their Intel ‘scheme’ to spy on the Trump campaign.

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