Cleveland Browns Were Bribed to Stand for the National Anthem in a Fake “Show of Unity”


Cleveland Browns players stood for the national anthem and locked arms with law enforcement and military personnel before Sunday’s season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. A big deal was made of this “show of unity” but they only did it because they were bribed.

Why don’t they just play ball?

Several of the news outlets boasted of the show of unity but didn’t bother to mention the bribe.

They stood for the Anthem with police in exchange for a 30-second video message that people were forced to listen to.

The players, politicizing football, expressed concerns about racial equality in America in the video which aired on the big screen in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium:

The NFL ratings are still going down. The NFL got off to its slowest start in the ratings in nearly a decade. It was blamed on the weather, but the next day, during the hurricane when the women’s tennis was on, their ratings were up well over 30%.

The declining viewership couldn’t be the result of the disrespect players are showing for America by sitting during the Anthem or the fact that they are politicizing what used to be fun, could it?

Michael Bennett sitting it out.

Other players did sit out the game.

Seattle’s Michael Bennett and Oakland’s crazy Marshawn Lynch decided to sit out the National Anthem to start the season. They are allegedly protesting the treatment of minorities by police.

It’s very interesting considering Michael Bennett might have made up a story about cops kneeing him and holding a gun to his head just because he is black.

In the least, it looks like he exaggerated. He should get the same treatment Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte got for exaggerating during an NBC interview.

Sources connected to a shooting/robbery investigation told TMZ Sports that when cops responded to a club for a possible shooting, they ordered everyone to get down and not move so they could properly search and investigate.

TMZ was told Bennett did not stay put — instead, he ran — and a cop outside the club stopped him and ordered him down to the ground at gunpoint. When police determined he was not involved, they released him.

In fact, Bennett appeared to have been hiding behind a machine.

The union for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department requested the NFL investigate what it calls “obvious false allegations” by Michael Bennett against two of its officers concerning the Aug. 26 incident.

Bennett never filed charges and the NFL said they won’t investigate.

Bennett claims the officer had pulled a gun on him and threatened to “blow my f*cking head off” — but you don’t see that in the footage. At the time the video begins, Bennett is already being cuffed.

Bennett has said in a statement that he — and several hundred other people — were running from the club after hearing what they thought were gunshots. He claims cops stopped him for “being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage claimed he has proof that makes Bennett look like a liar.

See the video for yourself.


    • And the faster, the better. I’m sick of these multimillionaire athletes who should be kissing the ground of the freest country in the world. Where else would these opportunities be for them? Nowhere. I don’t care if you’re white or black or pink or purple. You’re paid to do a job. Do it. And be grateful you’re in America.

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