Cleveland Police Are Latest Targets of Marxist-Driven Demands for Nationalized Policing


Al Sharpton is demanding nationalized police over the Cleveland incident in which a white police officer was acquitted of killing two black offenders. The Revolutionary Communist Party is out in the streets of Cleveland with other paid protesters in the Marxist-driven and Obama-supported police brutality protests.

In December the DOJ cited Cleveland for excessive force and they have obviously been looking for a case to back them up, otherwise this is just too convenient.

The U.S. Justice Department said its civil rights division, the U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI were reviewing testimony and evidence from the state trial and would determine if federal action would be taken. Most believe this is a good idea.

Al Sharpton is calling for his national police force again.

In April, Sharpton called for nationalizing police. “There must be national policy and national law on policing,” Sharpton argued at his National Action Network’s convention.

“We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”

The faux police brutality “mostly peaceful protests” are not about black people and these paid protesters don’t care a wit about Williams or Russell. They are about the Marxist movement.

The Cleveland incident is another opportunity to fundamentally transform the police and to weaken their power and loyalty to the people. They want the police to be loyal to the government.

That should terrify people.

In a nationalized police force, loyalty can only be to the government.

The protesters are largely paid and professional organizers. They are the same people who show up at every one of these mostly invented brutality cases.

They’re not falsified in that some of these cases do show problems and there are legitimate protesters but the overall movement is a Soros-funded, Obama-DOJ-backed movement to nationalize police.

The Marxists organizing these riots are staging photos.  

This is what a staged photo looks like!

this is what a staged photo looks like They are still using the ridiculously fake, fully debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” symbol. Later on, this same man was arrested. That’s the goal. It’s also staged in many cases. can't breathe RevCom, the Revolutionary Communist Party was a strong presence. The sign on the right in the next photo was printed by rev com. REVcom again In this photo, you see the rev com sign and the young man to the right is holding a rev com newspaper. revcom Revcom sign in the background. another revcom sign in the background In the next screenshot, the man on the left is wearing a rev com t-shirt. revcom t on man to the left This man could be a professional organizer. He was in Baltimore. Again, you will notice the Revcom sign. protests revcom1 revcom2 revcom3 revcom4 revcom5 revcom6 These aren’t protests. They are revolutionary in nature. Revcom and Occupy are leading.

The Iranian-US media outlet Press TV was live streaming this.

In the next two photos, before and after, a sign had been thrown at a passerby and when others tried to step in, the protesters prevented them from helping.

The riots haven’t begun in Cleveland, but they are singling out individuals for attack. One person was pepper sprayed, fires were set, and 71 were arrested last night alone but the media only reports that they were “mostly peaceful” and revcom is never mentioned. [Update: There probably won’t be riots. The Cleveland police didn’t allow them to get it out of their system, they arrested them right away!]

The photos are taken by the media, they have to see they are communist signs and they won’t mention it.pre a protester had thrown a sign at a patron Sheriff Clarke said it best.

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