Cleveland Police Department to Become the DOJ’s Progressive ‘Model’ of Law Enforcement


protests in Clevelan with revcom

Cleveland protesters from the Revolutionary Communist Party

The DOJ and the city of Cleveland have reached an agreement on a plan to deal with their alleged “unconstitutional policing.” A scathing 105-page report by the DOJ found them to be abusive in disregarding the rights of the people they arrest. The new guidelines, however, put the police at a grave disadvantage when confronting dangerous criminals. Though the goal is “de-escalation”, it will endanger officer’s lives.

The Mayor Frank Jackson lauded the agreement saying it “marks a new way of policing in the city…built on the strong foundation of progressive change, sustained trust and accountability.”

The “consent decree” means that city will work with the DOJ on policing tactics.

The DOJ claimed last year that there was reasonable cause to believe Cleveland police engaged in a pattern of “using excessive force.”

The plan for the Cleveland police department is a “community-oriented” model of policing. That will make all of us safer according to leftist academic Vanita Gupta, leftist head of the civil rights division at the DOJ.


Gupta is an ACLU-trained lawyer who wants to see drugs legalized and has a practiced hostility towards the police.

In 2012, Gupta wrote that “states should decriminalize simple possession of all drugs, particularly marijuana, and for small amounts of other drugs.” That’s ALL drugs – cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, ecstasy and all dangerous drugs, including marijuana.

She also led the ACLU’s National Campaign to end mass incarceration.

The city has to set up a community police commission which is to establish community input who will be able to second guess everything the police do.

They are going to be trained in de-escalation techniques and when force is used, every case will be reported and reviewed.

Every asset, equipment resources, services will be taken over by the DOJ.

They will force a watchdog agency on Cleveland police with a new government bureaucrat in the form a police inspector general to be appointed by the mayor. Obviously, this will be a political position with an unelected bureaucrat pulling the police department strings.

As if that isn’t enough, there will be an independent monitor.

Once Cleveland transforms, the process will end and this will serve as a model for the nation, Gupta said.

The reason Cleveland hasn’t broken into riots is because the police didn’t “de-escalate” as they did in Baltimore. They arrested the lawbreakers right away. That could be a thing of the past.

The entire plan assumes the department is overrun with rampant bias – structural racism – and, as a result, everything is based on protecting minorities. The gang activity and crimes being committed are ll but ignored.

What follows are some of the new guidelines and they clearly put officers at a disadvantage when confronted by dangerous criminals especially since they will know the new rules:

  • There is to be no force until individuals have an opportunity to surrender;
  • de-escalation techniques of persuasion and warnings are to be used first;
  • officers will be expected to determine any limitations on the part of the individual facing arrest and will be trained to sift out the mentally ill, drug impaired, and so on;
  • only the exact amount of force necessary can be used;
  • no force is to be used simply to subdue an individual; no neck holds;
  • use of a firearm as an impact weapon will be forbidden;
  • police can’t unholster a weapon unless force is going to be used against them;
  • no warning shots;
  • and the horrendous list goes on. It can be read at Justice File 441426

This is the same garbage that is used with the military and the watered down rules of engagement. It gets our people killed.

Does anyone really believe that having a overly-big, unwieldy leftist DOJ running a police department is a good idea?

Cleveland will have leftist monitors on their backs for the foreseeable future to meet the problem of a minority of bad cops.