Cleveland Proposes Gun Rationing, Registration, Gangs Will Not Comply



If the mayors of crime-infested cities that are overrun by gangs don’t understand the problem, they won’t be able to solve it.

Cleveland’s Mayor Frank Jacks thinks his crime problem is guns when it is clearly gangs. He’s decided to go after legal gun owners, though it is well-known the gangs acquire their guns illegally.


Well-intentioned Mayor Jacks misunderstands the problem.

Cleveland’s mayor, a member of the notorious anti-Second Amendment group – Mayors Against Guns, plans to ration gun purchases to one every 90 days, with an exemption for law enforcement, members of the Ohio National Guard, and licensed firearms dealers, as outlined in the comprehensive 31-page emergency ordinance.

What will that do? Gangs acquire their guns illegally and gangs are the problem.

The law would require gun sales and transfers between private citizens, as well as loss of theft of a gun, be reported to police.

Reporting a theft of a gun is a reasonable law but the problem comes in when they make it within 48 hours as they have done here. Legal gun owners aren’t necessarily checking their safe every two days. If they don’t report it in time, they are guilty of a second degree misdemeanor. They are making criminals out of legal gun owners who don’t notice their gun is missing.

If a person violates the ordinance, from then on, they’d have to register on a  gun offender registry.

Fake guns are banned except for self-defense.

This is what facsimile or fake guns include:

“Replica or facsimile of a firearm” shall mean any device or object made of plastic, wood, metal or any other material which is a replica, facsimile or toy version of, or is otherwise recognizable as, a pistol, revolver, shotgun, sawed-off shotgun, rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher or any other firearm. As used in this section, “replica or facsimile of a firearm” shall include, but is not limited to, toy guns, movie props, hobby models (either in kit form or fully assembled), starter pistols, air guns, firearms that are inoperable and cannot readily be rendered operable, or any other device which might reasonably be perceived to be a real firearm.

The legislation outlaws sale or possession of replica firearms, brass knuckles, various types of martial arts equipment, slingshots, stench bombs, and long-bladed pocketknives. Like the proposed gun regulations, law enforcement would largely be exempt.

The only ones this hurts are the legal gun owners. It could easily make felons out of them. Innocent people need guns to protect themselves in a city like Cleveland and even in Northeast Ohio where at least one gang and the Mafia have branched out.

The gang members, police report, get their guns by stealing them or buying them from unscrupulous sellers.

Why aren’t they concentrating on the gangs and the unscrupulous sellers? Why go after legal gun owners?

Ten years ago, the city eliminated a police unit dedicated to dealing with gangs and though they have since rebuilt it (thanks to Federal tax dollars since they frittered away their economic stability), gang members and their guns are a serious problem, along with their drug businesses.

heroin gang Cleveland

Heroin gang

Cleveland is on a path of rapid economic decline thanks to violent crime and poverty. It’s the 8th most violent city in the United States. It’s located on prime interstate drug routes.


Cleveland has a number of small, disorganized gangs, one national gang, a growing prison gang and an active mafia crime family.


The prison gang – Heartless Felons – unlike other Cleveland gangs, tattoo themselves. They always carry guns.

Wouldn’t Stop & Frisk work better than taking guns away from legal gun owners?

Other gangs are Waste 5, Hough Heights, Kinsman Boys, Skull Gang, and Cedar Boys. The one national gang is the Latin Kings.

There will be lawsuits if the legislation goes through. The city did something similar in 2010 and it was struck down by the Ohio supreme Court.

We don’t need Mayors Against Guns, we need a Save Our Cities campaign which searches out mayoral candidates who are fiscally savvy and can zero in on the cause of the crime problems, mainly gangs. With the new open border policy which allows gang members into our country, the problem isn’t going away any time soon.




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