Clever Job Creation – Condom Czar in the NYC Schools


“Who says there are no jobs out there? NYC Health Department is looking for a new condom coordinator to keep the city’s public high schools chock full of free birth control. The job offers $88,000 a year. I wonder what kind of education you need for this job? I don’t even want to think about it. This began in 2005 by the Department of Health so we can give 1.5 million condoms away a month. We even have an expensive ad campaign for it.

The last czar left and is now in D.C. in charge of Diaphragms & Dental Dams. I guess this is some kind of promotion – hard to tell from the titles. Read here: A job for you

If you really want to look at crazy jobs, look at the part time  bingo supervisor jobs on Long Island. The local gaming losses of $52,000 last year were disconcerting because the games took in $60,000. Problem is, the PT workers to oversee it were paid a total of $112,000. The overhead is twice the revenue. Isn’t America great?  Read more at Suite101: Uh oh, malfeasance


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