Climate Extremists and the Dirty Filthy Hypocrites


The reported 400,000 [Newsday reported the number in the tens of thousands] who marched with the likes of Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio on behalf of the statists’ climate change agenda left New York City a dirty mess. They want to clean up the planet but not so much that they have to clean up their own trash.

Check out the Twitter photo below.


The “People’s Climate March on Sunday was along streets lined with recycling bins. The bins were ignored by many who left their trash in the streets to be picked up by others.

They’re special.

Pretending the climate is in dire straights while there has been no climate warming for 18 years is no easy task. It takes committed extremists to do it, but did you also know they were complete hypocrites?

The media didn’t bother to mention the trash they left behind because they have the same agenda as these statists.

Many of the people marching were the Occupiers of Wall Street who were renowned for leaving filth behind. In some cities, they drew rats.

DC was so inundated with rats after the Occupiers finally left that Virginia had to pass a law that DC could not dispose of their rats in their states. It seems DC has a law that requires the humane treatment of rats preventing them from exterminating them. They have to be removed and put into a new, acceptable environment.

We wrote about Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday. He’s claiming we all need to be taxed up the gills to pay for our alleged destruction of the planet and to keep us from using fuel. However, he himself owns two luxurious homes, flies in private jets on a regular basis, and rents the fifth largest yacht in the world.

He’s special too.

Gore is another one. He’s made hundreds of millions off his climate change film and speeches but his gas and electric bills averaged around $30,000 a year in 2005 and 2006 for his 20-room (plus eight-bathroom) Nashville home. He owns a “gas-guzzling” SUV while telling America to buy fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars. He too flies around in private jets.

He’s the most special of them all.

The looney Center for American Progress, the Podesta-Soros organization, said this: “Of course, big public events like this always come with trash afterwards. Handling it is one of the reasons city governments and public services exist. …Gothamist pointed out that the trash from the climate march on Sunday was cleaned up by Monday morning, and that there’s no way to measure the amount of trash left by the marchers in comparison to any other large public gathering. Nor is it yet known what extra efforts the city made to handle the influx.”

The Center also blamed the innocent people at the National Cherry Blossom Festival though the garbage lined the streets the Climate Maniacs marched on.

It should be noted that there was NO trash left behind after any of the tea party marches.

Notice how they called the Climate March the “People’s Climate March?” That is the way communists label their marches. It’s always “Peoples'” this and “Peoples'” that. I’m just saying.

We are being sold on these expensive options that are supposedly “green”. Take electric cars with their zero emissions for example. Green cars, even with subsidies, are far more expensive than gas cars and a lot more resources have to be used to make them. A lot of carbon is poured into the atmosphere to make and charge them.

Ozzie Lehner, who once engineered electric cars for GM, said this about solar cells and their future in electric cars:

Most supporters of electric vehicles predict that alternative sources of energy, such as solar cells, will release us from this bind. Sunlight doesn’t produce CO2, they argue; we don’t have to mine it, and it’s free. But why, then, is solar electricity so expensive? Unfortunately, solar cells are themselves subject to the same price-tag predicament. They are just another part of the carbon shell game. When solar industrialists claim that their electricity is approaching cost parity with conventional energy, they are implicitly admitting that so far, at least, it has taken more conventional energy to fabricate, install, and maintain a photovoltaic system than that system ever produces. And if we wish to compare solar watts to conventional watts, we must also figure in the financial and environmental costs of supplying storage batteries or some other redundancy, typically a fossil fuel plant, to make intermittent solar power truly comparable to the constant, conventional sort. Worldwide bankruptcies involving expensive green-tech plans are exposing the fossil-fuel realities crouched behind the curtain.

And it gets worse. Parity isn’t nearly enough: A solar power system must do more than provide a 1:1 energy payback if it is to provide an alternative to fossil fuels. Economists indicate we need about a 3:1 payback to cover basic needs, and higher still if we wish to build a second round of niceties, such as electric cars and additional solar cells. Sunlight is renewable; solar cells are not. Along with electric cars, they will remain a product of fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.

The unsubsidized cost of these technologies could come down. But it could also go up, as happened with wind turbines over the past decade, despite economies of scale and technological advancements. Even if electric cars drop in price, we will have invested billions of dollars to maintain an otherwise unsustainable transportation infrastructure.

In 2013, the CBO reported that electric vehicle subsidies would cost $7.5 billion over the next few years with little benefit.

When the government starts to manipulate the free market choices, bad things happen. In Germany, Merkel’s government doubled down on wind energy, taking nuclear reactors offline while hoping to substitute wind. The energy program is failing miserably and is facing what some say is a “chaotic standstill.”

Wind farms are notoriously unreliable as a power source. Not only that, they take up vast amounts of space and kill tens of thousands of birds annually.

A Harvard study in 2012 revealed that the energy to be derived from wind has been greatly over-estimated.

Solar energy has gone through a “boom and bust” period, mostly bust. Even the Chinese couldn’t make it work in Arizona. It’s too expensive.

The entire green energy industry is fraught with corruption and unsustainable costs. The extremists don’t care. They want what they want and they want it now as they litter the planet and stomp around in fury with their huge carbon footprints because they’re special and they get to tell the rest of us what to do.

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