Climate icon Greta Thunberg collaborates on behalf of Antifa


Screaming teen of the climate movement, Greta Thunberg, appeared before the U.N. this week to legitimize a radical view that the world faces immediate extinction.

She is escorted around by George Soros employees and other communists as she predicts the end of the world which can only be solved by turning all control over to globalists.

The child has an array of developmental disorders and mental illnesses including Autism, ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety, and once had selective mutism and would not eat which stumped her growth.

The left is exploiting her and will discard her when she is no longer useful.

According to the Voice of Europe, Miss Thunberg is collecting funds for an Antifa-supporting organization. Greta is seen here with her mother.

Greta has recorded a song with the band The 1975. In a tweet she promises that all revenue from the recording will go to the extreme-left environmental organization, Extinction Rebellion (Antifa).

In the song, Thunberg is preaching the end of the world, in which she is stating that all solutions to the climate crisis have failed.

The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion made chaos worldwide, particularly on the streets of London this spring, and launched a second attempt in June to make the capital close down its most important functions, Voice of Europe reports.

The group also plans to shut down Heathrow airport this fall, with the help of disturbing drones, according to VOE.

Antifa are communist anarchists.



  1. “… she predicts the end of the world …”

    Has anyone questioned Greta about how the Earth’s rotation around the sun affects climate change; what happens when our planet shifts on its axis, or what causes alterations to the Earth’s axial tilt; and what happens when a certain hemisphere is closest to and pointed at the sun?
    Does she know what affect volcanic eruptions have had on our planet’s temperatures (i.e., volcanic winter of 1815, following the eruption of Mount Tambora)?

    “The left is exploiting her… ”

    Does the leftist doomsdayer know what affect asteroids hitting Earth have had on our planet’s temperatures; that it’s possible for a huge asteroid to hit Earth, which could cause the oceans to boil and ice to melt, before chicken poop could destroy the Earth?
    Our planet is in a “natural cycle”, and human beings aren’t responsible for the warming/cooling of planet Earth because they’ve eaten meat or used fossil fuels; and gassy cows have never changed the rotation of planet Earth around the sun.

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