Climate Refugees Are Running Around All Over Europe to Escape Bad Weather


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Climate change is an all-out assault on Capitalism. It will inevitably lead to more Socialism and more control over the public than any one agenda item the administration has pushed.

Secretary of State John Kerry is using a new term to go along with the invented global warming catastrophe – “climate refugees” – which are kind of like Christians running for their lives from ISIS.

As jihadists, economic opportunists, and people fleeing terrorists make a mad dash to Europe, Kerry sees the real problem – the weather.

Countries will be dealing with “climate refugees” as the effects of climate change are felt around the world, Secretary of State John Kerry warned U.S. ambassadors attending the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference in Washington in March.

“There’ll be climate refugees that all of you will be coping with at some point. If not now, in the not-too-distant future,” Kerry told the ambassadors, while making dire warnings about the threats posed by climate changes around the world and calling for them to make the issue a priority moving forward, reported CBS News in Washington.

Back in Alaska in August, he used the term again.

“Unless the global community comes together to address this challenge, the dramatic climate impacts that we’re seeing in this part of the world will be a harbinger for every part of the world,” Kerry said of global warming.

“And we as leaders of countries will begin to witness what we call climate refugees moving – you think migration is a challenge to Europe today because of extremism, wait until you see what happens when there’s an absence of water, an absence of food, or one tribe fighting against another for mere survival,” he said.

As if on cue, he was asked about why there isn’t an official term, climate refugees, in international law while during a Q&A at a town hall meeting on the sidelines of an Oceans conference in Chile Monday.

“There are people who have to leave where they were living because the drought is so significant they can’t grow food, or they’ve lost their water, or there are fights over wells in certain places and so they have to move in order to find a place. There are climate refugees in the world today — people who’ve had to move because of the rise of sea level or the changes in the thawing of the permafrost and so forth.

“Now, it hasn’t reached a crescendo. It’s not at a level where the international community has yet codified, put it into law,” he explained.

It’s not the bombs and chemical warfare they’re fleeing, that’s just an aside, they’re running from the bad weather.

It’s amazing that Californians and Texans haven’t run from their lands, they’ve certainly suffered through drought.

There have always been refugees and some moved for better climate, but the difference now is the government has a climate change treaty coming up in December, they have to deflect from the disastrous foreign policy that has caused most of the refugee crisis, and the administration is certifiable.

This is the warm up act. They probably don’t have to work this hard to get Americans to accept the climate change treaty. Americans don’t seem to care about any of the mess that this administration has caused and half the nation wants to do it again with Hillary Clinton or the radical socialist Bernie Sanders.

The climate change summit in December will come together to sign a treaty that will not be approved by our Senate. Instead, they will claim they are merely adding to prior agreements. The results will prove devastating to the U.S. economy in the near and distant future.

We have a country that is closing in on $19 trillion in debt, we are borrowing forty cents on every dollar, and we pay $10 million a day in interest. This is our legacy to our children and grandchildren.

Republicans are set on illegal immigration to satisfy business interests and Democrats are ensuring they will eventually have a Democrat-proof majority in the Electoral College. Republicans are the authors of their own destruction and Democrats are Socialists now.

When you see radicals like Bernie Sanders enjoying immense popularity in a number of states, you have to see where we are headed.

Our government is lying to us, inventing crises to put an agenda in place and they are creating a new language to go with their false creations.

Everything that made America great is being removed or erased completely and Socialism is ready to step in.

You have now crossed over into the…Twilight Zone!