Clinton Campaign Wants Debate Moderator to POLICE, DEBATE Trump – One Caves!


Since when do debate moderators debate? Since the “special” candidate decided to run for office, they do. Lester Holt has not indicated that he will play that role, but one station will.

Bloomberg TV will cave and comply with the Clinton campaign’s demand that Trump be fact-checked continuously during the debate. They announced they will do fact-checking on-screen during tonight’s debate.

Bloomberg will fact-check both but “facts” are subjective and Bloomberg leans left. It’s very dangerous for a network to get involved and it will bias viewers.

What Hillary has been doing for the last several days is prepping for the debate and pressuring the moderator to police Trump and interfere during the debate by debating Trump.

Instead of a fair debate, where Hillary Clinton has to debate her opponent, her campaign manager and others in her campaign want the debate moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, to police Trump in real time – not police Hillary – police Trump, while she bloviates and speechifies.

Anyone who was involved with the second Mitt Romney debate, remembers Candy Crowley making herself part of the debate and shutting down Romney by saying he was incorrect on the Benghazi issue. As it turned out, he wasn’t wrong.

Robby Mook, Hillary’s manager, wants Trump to be ‘Candy Crowleyed’ throughout the debate.

This is what they want for 90 minutes:

The pressure from Mook is said to be intense.

Mook says it’s “unfair” to expect the Democratic presidential nominee to dispute the veracity of Donald Trump’s claims.

“It’s unfair to ask for Hillary both to play traffic cop with Trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the American people,” Robby Mook said on ABC’s “This Week.”
When pressed by host George Stephanopoulos that that’s “what a debater is supposed to do,” Mr. Mook said this case is “special.”

Isn’t that the job of the candidate?

The excuse is that Trump is a different kind of candidate. The left has made Trump into the liar when it’s Hillary who has a loose relationship with the truth. Who will police her?

“Well, I think Donald Trump’s special,” Mr. Mook said. “We haven’t seen anything like this. We normally go into a debate with two candidates who have a depth of experience, who have rolled out clear, concrete plans, and who don’t lie, frankly, as frequently as Donald Trump does.”

“So we’re saying this is a special circumstance, a special debate, and Hillary should be given some time to actually talk about what she wants to do to make a difference in people’s lives,” he continued. “She shouldn’t have to spend the whole debate correcting the record.”

It’s nonsense to say it’s special and Hillary should be granted special privileges, but, as we can see with emailgate, she doesn’t answer to the rules and laws of the common man.

She is above the law:

The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has ruled that presidential debate moderators should act as facilitators of conversation and only occasionally intervene during confrontations between the candidates.

The only reason to intervene is to keep them on track.

The Democrats want him to do better than Today host Matt Lauer. In other words, they want Trump to be blasted unfairly.

Anyone who watched that town hall knows that Lauer was not unfair to either candidate. Hillary isn’t used to being asked any tough questions.

The Clinton campaign is already saying she is the victim of sexism.

Politico reported that outside of Bloomberg, none have committed to doing on-screen fact checks during the debate. Most will leave the fact-checking to segments in the post-debate analysis coverage.

Clinton’s supporters have called for aggressive fact-checking during Monday’s debate, saying that members of the media have failed to adequately fact-check and correct falsehoods from her Republican rival. NBC’s Matt Lauer was recently criticized for not correcting several false statements from Trump during a presidential forum on the network. 

Spokespeople for the networks told POLITICO that on-screen fact checks would be hard to execute in real-time, which is why they were opting out. That leaves the real-time fact-checking up to NBC’s Lester Holt, the debate moderator, or Clinton herself. 

Several other news organizations, including NPR, have said they will conduct fact-checks of the debate online and in their post-debate analyses.

Hillary has been debating for decades, what is she afraid of?

Hillary is the “congenital liar” as the late great William Saffire once said.

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