Clinton Foundation Is the “Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in World History”


Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel — who has investigated companies like GE — calls the Clinton Foundation the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud in world history.” It’s an example he says of a “vast left-wing conspiracy.”

They have “monetized government service” to enrich their cronies and give them choice assignments.

Mr. Ortel says the Clintons act as “Robin Hood in reverse.” They figured out that this charity is a way foreigners could give unlimited amounts of money, US players could give unlimited amounts of tax deductible money and strengthen the Clinton wing of the Democrat Party and Clinton interests around the world.

The Clinton Foundation, he contends is not acting as a legitimate charity. Ortel charges on his website that “Clinton Foundation documents omit crucial facts, include false and materially misleading statements, and exclude legally required audits of financial statements for each year of operation, that must be prepared on a consistent basis.”

Source: USA Watchdog

Amy Sterling Casil wrote an article that hit on the Foundation in Haiti among other countries, Putting the Clinton Foundation in Context: Corruption Plain on the Face of It.

The Clinton Foundation, she says, as Ortel describes it “is a very accurate mirror of the moral, ethical and cultural state of the people who are in power in our nation.”

While addressing the failures of the Foundation in several foreign countries, this paragraph is especially hard-hitting.

There have been hundreds of thousands of words, perhaps millions, written about the lack of performance of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti — and evidence of the ugly picture is in the fact that the best “program” the Foundation can come up with to feature after the hundreds of $millions were given after the Haiti earthquake is what I just documented — acting as a pass-through for funds to buy land for a boutique coffee company to single-source exotic coffee from one of the poorest countries on earth. Coffee that he sells using celebrity endorsements on his reality TV show on the Travel Channel.

Lies are being told by the media who are protecting Hillary and Donna Brazile, the new DNC Chairwoman, can’t understand what the problem is when there is no there there. Read the next story.


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