Clinton Foundation Never Probed, Frivolous Suit Brought Against Trump


Barbara Underwood, NY Acting Attorney General

On the day the Office of the Inspector General released a report about egregious DoJ/FBI behavior, the New York Attorney General announced a $2.8 million lawsuit against the Trump’s Charitable Foundation. Notice how the Feds and the NY AG work together?

This is a civil suit and they want to shut down the charity.

The fact is the Foundation raised 18.8 million dollars while giving 19.2 million to charity with virtually zero expenses. This is a frivolous suit meant to hurt the President and counteract the OIG report.

“Battling the White House is the most important job I’ve ever done,” the New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has said. Underwood is a member of the Resistance.

The Soros Democrat Party is pushing non-stop lawsuits to hurt the President. This is just one more from the hard left now in control of the Democrat [Socialist] Party.

The President responded on Twitter Thursday. He referred to the “now disgraced” Attorney General Schneiderman and the “sleazy Democrats” who never had the guts to bring the case to court until now. He has no intention of settling this lawsuit.


At the same time, the OIG report noted that the Clinton Foundation was never investigated despite overwhelming evidence it is a pay-to-play operation.

The FBI was told to NOT investigate.

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates revealed that the DOJ instructed federal investigators to hold back on an open probe into the Clinton Foundation in 2016. That was in the report. No bias there!

According to the document, the FBI did not open a probe into the Clinton Foundation, contrary to popular belief.

“Numerous witnesses told us that agents involved in the Clinton Foundation investigation were instructed to take no overt investigative steps prior to the election,” the inspector general writes.

Yates confirmed and defended this and she will get away with it.

Yeah, I think there was discussion about look, if [agents on the Clinton Foundation investigation] want to go do record stuff and stuff that you can do covertly, fine. But not overtly…. And the sort of thought being we’ll address that again at the end after the election was over.

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