Clinton Operative Advising Ms.Blasey Foresaw a Plot Against Judge Kavanaugh


Far-left Democrat operative and former Clinton White House official, Ricki Seidman is an advisor to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Mrs. Blasey Ford. Seidman’s specialty is destroying Republican nominees for the Supreme Court.

Only months ago, Seidman predicted a “strategy” to defeat the U.S. Supreme Court nominee.


She spoke about a plot to take down Brett Kavanaugh in a conference call with the American Constitution Society in July, suggesting a “strategy will emerge” that would destroy the nomination of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

“I do think that over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said in audio that was recorded by the Republican National Committee’s War Room. “And whether or not it ultimately defeats the nominee it will, I think, help people understand why it’s so important that they vote.”



Seidman is not only tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton. She is also a dirty tricks player for the party. She began her attack dog career years ago running vile ads against Robert Bork. His nomination was derailed.

Working with dissipate Senator Ted Kennedy at the time, she was a force in convincing Anita Hill to go public with complaints that Clarence Thomas was sexually harassing her. Seidman lost that one.

She manned Bill Clinton’s “war room”.

She also worked as Joe Biden’s communications director during the 2008 general election campaign. That was after he was named Barack Obama’s running mate. In 2009, according to her online biography, she helped the White House manage the confirmation of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Sotomayor is a very far-left woman who supported LaRaza.

Before that, Seidman worked in the Clinton White House as deputy communications director where she manned Clinton’s “war room”. She helped handle the “Bimbo Eruptions” of women legitimately assaulted by Bill Clinton.




  1. It’s all about $$$!!!

    All feminist/liberals/Democrats are afraid Judge Kavanaugh could help end ABORTION if he was on the Supreme Court. And as we know, lying to prevent any GOP candidate from being nominated/elected is nothing new.

    The killing of innocent pre-born babies would stop lining the pockets of a for-profit liberal industry. And the Democrat’s candidates could no longer be funded by the abortion industries’ “blood money”.

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