Clinton-Soros Outlet Bullying Companies Into Dumping the NRA


Think Progress is a far-left media outlet which is closely tied to the Clintons and Democrats-only, and it is funded in part by George Soros. Exploiting the Stoneman tragedy and ignoring the reasons it happened, posted a list of 22 companies that support the NRA. The purpose was to get them to dump the NRA and it’s working.

They reported Friday that thousands of people are contacting these companies on social media.

By Thursday, First National Bank announced it would sever its relationship with the NRA and would no longer issue the NRA Visa Card. The rental car company that operates Enterprise, National and Alamo said it was also dumping the NRA. On Friday morning, Symantec (a security company that owns Norton and Lifelock), Simplisafe, MetLife, and Chubb joined them according to Think Progress.

That is the result of their well-networked Resistance and MoveOn worker bees and the bots these organizations set off to bombard the companies.

Their claim that the backlash is growing is false. The truth is their bots and useful idiots are working overtime.


This is what Socialists do. Venezuela, here we come. Listen to this excellent clip.

The Right to Bear Arms is the foundational basis of preserving and protecting of speech, religion, assembly, and private property. The Socialist oligarchy the left is determined to establish in America requires that that fundamental right to be dramatically eroded and under the thumb of a central authority.

H/T Herb Richmond


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