Clinton Spread the Conspiracy Theory Claiming the NY Times Colluded with Trump


Former president Bill Clinton is allegedly behind a conspiracy theory that The New York Times publisher colluded with Donald Trump to help get him elected.

The revelation comes from Amy Chozick’s forthcoming book Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling. Daily Beast reported the story.

According to the Bill Clinton rumor, the NY Times was going to hit Hillary hard for the email server.

According to Chozick’s book, Clinton said the deal between Trump and The Times was based on Trump’s ability to drive traffic and bolster The Times’s stock price. The book also claimed the relationship between The Times and the Clinton campaign was “somewhat acrimonious.”

The book notes that the Clintons thought he was much more of a threat to Republican competitors than to Hillary.

It’s odd given the hatred that spills forth from the pages of the New York Times daily. Recently, their reporter Maggie Haberman and President Trump got into an argument. It is likely going to continue for days or beyond.

Haberman and another top NY Times reporter Glenn Thrush are extremely biased. They don’t operate as reporters, but rather as operatives for the Democrat party. Let’s not forget that a NY Times editor keeps a Barack Obama therapy doll in her purse.

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