Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Fight the “Weaponization of Information” – She Means the Truth


Those sly Russians weaponized the truth and used it to defeat Hillary Clinton. It was ingenious and incredibly unexpected. Because of their approach, Hillary was unable to fight back. She referred to it in a recent NBC interview hawking her new book no one will read.

How the Russians did it

Before you read her quotes, you have to accept her unproven assumption that leaked/hacked DNC/Podesta emails were fed to Wikileaks by Russian State actors.

“Weeks of disclosures of stolen emails from the personal account of then-Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, were particularly harmful, Clinton said, adding that it “played a much bigger role than I think many people yet understand.”

“She said the combination of Comey’s actions and the WikiLeaks’ revelations “had the determinative effect.”

She sees the information that was leaked and widely disseminated as having a “determinative effect”. She’s not denying the validity of the information, only that Americans found it out.

Comey was responsible too since he looked into the classified emails she treated “extremely carelessly” and which had been found on a sexual predator’s computer, namely Anthony Weiner’s, because of her. Combine that with “revelations” of what Hillary and her team were doing and saying behind the scenes, and you have a conspiracy of truth. The fact that they were stolen is a separate issue.

Russia’s interference, she said, was the “weaponization of information.”

Who would ever think of the truth and information as a “weapon” other than Hillary – and the Democratic Party?

“I didn’t fully understand how impactful that was and so it created doubts in people,” Clinton said. “But then the Comey letter coming as it did — just 10 days before the election — really raised questions in a lot of people.”

It “created doubts” because we saw what she was up to.

Clinton also blamed misogynistic men and women for her failings without an ounce of proof. Russia in general was responsible because the woman who gave them our uranium mine and US technology was, we are to believe, feared by them.

If Orwell could see us now

When questioned about how she would describe her loss, she replied, “Devastating!”.

And all because of the truth that those cagey Russians unleashed.

Sadly, she was cheered throughout the interview by the audience. Did no one hear what she said?

Who would have imagined that George Orwell’s fantastical, dystopian novel was a foreshadowing of true events in the near-future. His work of “fiction” focused on the manipulation of language to accomplish political ends. The only thing Orwell had wrong was the date and not by much.

Orwell’s Newspeak focused on shaping language so ideas contrary to the Party could not be expressed. Our Newspeak is political correctness, censorship on social media, biased media, euphemisms, ad hominem attacks on one’s opponents, and depicting truth as a weapon.

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