Clinton’s $100 Million Donation From Human Rights Violators in Africa


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According to the Daily Caller, one of the corporations that donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2007 is heavily involved in mining in Blood Minerals. If you’ve seen the movie Blood Diamonds with Leonardo deCaprio, you know that the minerals in these corporations are mined by slaves and child labor.

It’s not only the Clintons taking money but they do seem willing to take money from anyone. They don’t mind sanctioning the exploitation of people in depressed nations.

The corporation is the Swedish-Canadian oil and mining conglomerate based in Vancouver, The Lundin Group.

Richard Pollack, reporter for the Daily Caller, writes, “When the Vancouver, Canada-based Lundin Group gave its $100 million commitment to the ‘Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative,’ the company had long been cutting deals with warlords, Marxist rebels, military strongmen and dictatorships in the war-torn African countries of Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia.”

There is hardly a worse business on this earth and the Clintons either don’t bother to screen their donors or they don’t care.

The Clintons are raking in billions from foreign governments and apparently, indirectly, from Marxist warlords.

The history of the company is seedy.

The Daily Caller reported that Adolf Lundin, who founded the Lundin Group, reportedly secured mineral rights from the Congo’s brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko in 1996 by allegedly donating to Mobutu’s campaign fund, although Lundin reportedly denies it. And in 1997, Pollack writes, the Lundin Group reportedly cut a deal “with Congolese Marxist warlord Laurent Kabila, with a $50 million down payment toward $250 million they would give to the rebels in exchange for mining rights, according to U.N. Inspector Jason K. Stearns. Lundin eventually won majority rights to one of the country’s richest mineral veins.”

The mogul’s sons, Ian and Lukas Lundin, have rejected accusations that the Lundin Group consists of “opportunistic, dictator-hugging businessmen”, arguing that allegations of human rights abuses are “unfounded, unfair and in some cases, absurd”.

Watchdog and humanitarian groups, including Swedwatch, Christian Aid, and Human Rights Watch have watched them for years and disagree, Pollack said.

ABC 10 reports that human rights groups say the history of the Lundin mining and oil dynasty is allegedly concentrated in bribery, political pay-offs, war profiteering, human rights violations, and trace amounts of environmental damage.

A report by abc10 concluded that:

“Despite recent efforts to control the mosquito population, accusations against the Lundins from humanitarian aid organizations have never gone away.

In Sudan, aid organizations have accused the LGC of complicit involvement in the systematic destruction of humanitarian aid in Africa since 1999.

According to an exhaustive report conducted by Christian Aid, the pursuit of foreign oil developments between 1999 and 2003 depopulated oil-rich areas through indiscriminate attacks on civilians.  

A United Nations Special Rapporteurs (UNSR) confirmed eye witness reports of the abduction of women and children, gang rapes, and ground assaults. Carried out by the government to develop Lundin’s infrastructure, these displacement tactics also included helicopter gunship fire, and the burning of villages.  

A local village chief told Christian Aid that helicopter gunships attacked villages, destroyed farms, and displaced 11,000 people. New oil barracks were established in the process.

The Lundins live in splendor.

There is no way the Clintons don’t know where this money is coming from and the exploitation of the people that is involved. The Clinton Foundation claims to do great work, though this is disputable, but what good is it if it’s blood money?



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