Clintons Accused of Corrupting the Secret Service Agency


Gary Byrne appeared on Fox & Friends New Year’s Day to discuss his new book, Secrets of the Secret Service, in which he claims the Secret Service has been corrupted by systematically ignoring protocols for political reasons and out of “blind loyalty”. He blames the Clintons for destroying the “agency’s integrity.”

He gave one example from the Chinagate scandal in the 1990s. The Clintons had the Secret Service smuggle Chinese generals into the White House with “mysterious paper bags“. The generals came disguised as business guests to avoid transparency. The Secret Service did not inspect the bags according to former agent Byrne.

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation appears to be a pay-to-play operation disused as a charity. It isn’t the first time they’ve been accused of such an operation – once there was Chinagate, the most serious scandal in U.S. history.

We can’t answer for the accuracy of Mr. Byrne’s reporting but Chinagate was a very real and very serious scandal pointing to the corruption in the White House under Bill and Hillary Clinton. Democrats call it a controversy but the truth is agents of China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before the 1996 presidential campaign.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) illegally received foreign donations of more than $366,000 from China while Bill Clinton was president and entertaining people working closely with the Chinese Communist politburo. The DNC was forced to return the money. It appeared to be in exchange for favors and possibly the transfer of U.S. Technology.

A Chinese businessman who was acquiring the funds directly from the Chinese government intelligence visited the White House 49 times and half of those visits were with the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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